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Dec. 15th, Prompt 13

ahhhhhh I love this place we've created, called the GUTTER. It's delicious, and nutritious, and it's the best helluva ride I've ever been on. Please note that we've chosen our new design team ladies!! We even added an extra three spots, and STILL had to leave over half of the amazing entries out of our final decision. Check out the new team! Also, be sure to stop into our first Design Team Alumni, and tell them THANKS for their time here in the gutter!! We love you, LEAH, STACI and KRISTINA!! I'm so happy that you aren't saying goodbye, and that it's only see you around... you're welcome here anytime.
NOW. On to NEW things!! The new team members will be showing up for the NEXT challenge, and we can't wait to have them! In the meantime...
Do what I'm Tellin' YA!!
Bossy by Kellis
Electrical Tape

Here's what our team created this time!!





Nikki (holy CRAP woman!! You are FAST)

Our NEXT guest designer will be....

Adrienne said...This was so much fun! I had a blast with this prompt. And! I got to practice doodling. :D hehe. I added a layout to the group pool on flickr Fav. 4 Letter Word.

AND.... Thank you SO MUCH to Staci, for donating a GREAT prize!!
The prize for November goes to...

Blogger Sara said...

Here's mine:

Ladies, please use the contact information in the side bar, and email me with your mailing 411. Please put the prize you are the winner of in your email subject line! Thanks!!
Here's what you'll be playing for the next TWO prompts. Donated by ME!

Remember. You can take ALL or any part of the three part prompts. This isn't about what WE want. Our challenges are about what YOU are inspired to create. Can't wait to see what you do!!

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Nikki said...

Awesome layouts girls! And congrats to Adrienne for being the next guest Dt'er and to Sara for winning this months prize! Way to go!

Chris said...

I must tell you that it's so much fun to see what the girlz have done with the challenges, when I'm so busy that I can't take on one more thing. But the real winner is the challenge itself. Getting bossy with electrical tape? HA!

Webgrl said...

Congrats Sara and Adrienne!!!
Gals u all rocked it again i'm so amazed each month! I belong to a kickass group of scrappers! That extends to all who play with us as well!

Becky said...

awesome layouts ladies!

Adrienne said...

These layouts are AWESOME!

{Shirley} said...

Congrats Adrienne!!

LOVE all the creations for this prompt ladies! you all rock my Gutter!!

lara said...

Congrats Adrienne!!!!!!!

OMgosh - i love what y'all have done with this new challenge! Really inspiring!

Adventures in Style said...

Wow! I love the challenges you guys post + what you come up with!

When is the next one?

I think I am finally going to get off of my Arse + submit for the next challenge!

Adrienne said...

Thanks for all of your congratulations ladies! :D I appreciate it a lot! :D

Lis said...

Another lot of fantastic layouts girls.
Mine can be seen on my blog.


Shakira said...

Awesome Challenge just what I needed LOL Here's mine

Dorianne said...

Love what you ladies did with the prompt! Here's mine:

Elizabeth said...

Popping my gutter cherry...It's been so fun too!