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Dec. 30th, Prompt 14

Holiday Whoobie Whatie!? How did YOUR holidays go!? We had quite a full holiday in the gutter, and I think I may be one of the ONLY moms who didn't get their tree up. :::sigh::: One of our original GutterGirlz has decided that she too, should become alumni, and asked to have her spot on the team filled with one of the submissions that we had in the Design Team search. We looked back over the submissions, and made our choice, and as I was looking over her personal blog information, I realized that we had chosen none other than our GUEST DESIGNER!! lol SOooo no guest designer this time around, because Adrienne is one of the Gutter Girlz now!! Welcome, Adrienne! Kammie... don't you be making yourself scarce!! Can't wait to have you behind the scenes as alumni!!
So gang... are you ready for some DIRT!?!
The Prompt:
Still Hurting
The Song:
Not Ready to Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks
The Product/Technique:
Pins/Sewing Needles

Here's what the gals came up with!! Good luck picking a favorite!! I know I couldn't!!












Don't forget! Create YOUR art using one, two or all three of the prompts!! Take as much or as little as you'd like!! This is YOUR art. Link your finished project here in the comments, and you're entered into TWO areas. For the Prize shown in the sidebar on the left, AND AND AND... for the NEXT guest GutterGirl spot!! We choose our winners from this and the last prompt, so be sure to get your projects in!! Can't wait to see what you all create!!

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lara said...

i love how these are all so different and unique!!! So FUN - thanks for letting me play along :)

~Kammie~ said...

WOW---you girls rocked this challenge!!!! I was definitely out of my league with this group of talent!

Can't wait for the next prompt already!

Leah C said...

WOWEE what a treat for the eyes, heart AND soul. amazingly gutter~riffic work.

{Shirley} said...

truly ART in our GUTTER!!
You all ROCK my stinky SOCKS off!!

{ erin } said...

I haven't made a LO in MONTHS. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

I used the "Still Hurting" and a safety pin in two of the prompts.

Here's my LO:
Still Hurting


Nikki Love said...

I really enjoyed playing along. Here's mine:

still hurting

Hope I did this right!

Pinky said...

All your Lo's totally inspired me thanks!
Here is mine
Thanks for looking.
Close Up

Pinky said...

The Lo's are also on my blog

lizzie said...

here is mine...
hurting me
loved this promt!

Brandy said...

Ok so here is my very loose interpretation of the prompt. I would have never done this lo w/o it, so thank you guys so much!!
you went too far this time

Anam_Kihaku said...

oh wow! i cant believe i've missed out on this site. girls - you rock!! off to play along!!

Margrethe said...

Loved this prompt! I think it was really good for me to do it :)

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

First time with your challenges and trying to expand my horizons so to speak. Fun to do! Thanks!

Still Hurts

Dorianne said...

Wow...I love seeing what everyone has made! Another great challenge-loved it.


kat said...

So excited! My first challenge here.


Sarah said...

I have stalked your blog for the longest time. I always said wow what a great prompt, I'm gonna do that one...and then never do it. This one hit home for me,though. Thanks so much for helping me work waaaaaay outside my comfort zone!

mad as hell

Southernbelle said...

These are all just unbelievable ladies! I have not gotten to participate in a while due to being so busy, but I was so glad I got to today. All of your work just inspires me so much and I am always so happy with the layouts I do for your challenge. Thanks for another awesome challenge!

Still Hurting

Rachy said...

Hi Girlz!
Here is my interpretation...

Not Ready

Thanks for the inspiration!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Two in a row!


Shakira said...

Loved this prompt! Here's my take on it :)I made my bed...

Anonymous said...

Actually I have been way behind.. but did manage to catch up on Prompts 12, 13 and 14 this weekend!
Prompts LO's

Webgrl said...

ooook i thought i commented already...i do a lot of things in my head apparently LOL
WOW...total fabulosity.
Hot dang ladies i am BLOWN AWAY!

Sarah said...

OKay like seriosuly WOW! I am loving everyones submissions. Its going to be impossible to choose

Steph said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steph said...

Hi! Found you whilst blog hopping! Love all the prompts and LO's.

Here is mine, all just seemed to fit! (LO is inspired by one of the DT on bad girls)

Still Hurting