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Leah Crowe: Virginia
OnLine: Leah C or Darln Leah (darlnleah)
Gallery: HERE HERE and my photography HERE
BLOG: Not Home Alone
Favorite Cuss Word:Fucking Damn!! It’s my favorite and I use it without warning!
When I think gutter, it is TOTALLY dirty minded… so, I wouldn’t say my work is dirty minded…although I wouldn’t mind heading in that direction once in awhile with my art. For real though, I just do not care about Acid free… or rules of any kind. I scrap for my sanity, for the LOVE of the finished project, and at times, am guilty of looking to other peers in the industry for acceptance. Honestly though, I would still scrap if I didn’t get acceptance. There is so much one can share through art, and I am happy to be involved in doing so. I am currently on the Tallyscrapper team with Rachel and several other brilliant people. I also create monthly for The Scrapping Spot. I put my heart and soul into my pages, and hope it shows through to my children one day. Right now, they just like looking at “the pretty pictures.” My Idol… gosh, can I just say anyONE of the Gutter Girlz get my juices going (tap tap tap… I *HEARD* that!) – creative juices ;)