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the content on this blog may be unsuitable for preschool toys. we trust your judgment as to whether you choose to have age appropriate toys are near while you view our site! some of our music prompts are also a bit grown up for little pitchers. you'll need to click the play arrow to listen to the music portion of our prompts. you may want to do that when the big ears aren't listening. ~the girlz


Oct, Prompt #45

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!! Things have been headless crazy around here, and I've been weighing what I need to do with the blog, so it's taken me a while to get this posted!!

Here's the plan. For the rest of the year, we're going down to one prompt a month. We'll be posting on the 15th of November and December, and then... January 2011
I'm ready for some change, and I think this is the perfect time. I host an art journal blog that has been a huge success, and I love the prompt format of gutter girlz. I think now is the perfect time for all of us to move over, and get our journals in the gutter!! I know I personally feel like I've worn out the dirty part of my scrapbooks... lol and I love the freedom that art journaling has. ALSO... because I like to push envelopes, I like the idea of blurring the "lines" between scrapbooking and art journaling. It makes some people nervous. :) I hope you'll all join us!! A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. Be sure to subscribe there, and join our facebook group!! (the gutter girlz group on FB will be shutting down.) We'll start a new year of prompts in January with three part prompts like we do here, and with the freedom for you to create as you like!!
This is one of my favorite songs... I wish I had had time to create for this prompt!!
THE PROMPT: That's Rich
THE SONG: You and I by Ingrid Michealson
PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: Crochet or Knitting
Here are a couple pages from the design team!!
I wanted to make a simple layout that was strong at the same time. I think this layout is just that.

As soon as I saw the lyrics to this song I knew what I wanted to do. We visited the Biltmore Estate back in April and it was absolutely breathtaking! It's so hard to imagine that people actually lived in a home that large! So I used a pic of the Biltmore, part of a crocheted doily that was the prompt, and some lyrics from the song...

Sometimes I just need to add a variety to my crafting and not so much scrapbook pages. When I read this prompt I knew immediately what I wanted to make. I have kept this box for a few years now. It originally contained some flowers. So I altered it with some crackle paint and added a cluster of flowers. I found a crochet one and used the title of the song as my title for the box.

This was just the perfect song to do this layout about my niece. My sister decided to *kick her out* Yeah whatever but anyway she is a good kid. Does well in school. Has a great part time job. Is heading to college in the Fall. I just want her to know that she can do this on her own.
Can't wait to see what you create!!