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Sept. 30th, Prompt #44

Please welcome our guest designer this month, Lena Schreijenberg! Lena lives in a small village in the South-West of the Netherlands.
"As long as I can remember I am always busy to create things. As a little kid I made drawings, knitted and sewed dolls clothes, made cushions for my room…. Now I’m a qualified seamstress and I have made many clothes for myself and my kids. A few years ago I started painting and my best friend Marit introduced scrapping/art journaling to me. I took part in both of her workshops in art journaling and I loved it!! So I guess my latest work is a bit of a mix of scrapping and art journaling."

Becky brings this prompt and guest designer to us this month! Thanks, Becky!!

THE PROMPT: I am a _____________ (fill in the blank)
THE SONG: I'm a Fighter by Christina Aguleria
I started with a black piece of cardstock. Ripped pieces of fabric and "glued" them on the page with lots of gesso. When it was dry, I painted the page and dripped some black ink over it
The pic is my dd Carmen and I'm very proud of her. She's 13 years old and she totally stands for everything she believes in and what she likes. It doesn't matter to her what other people think of it/her. That's why I think she's a "Fighter"....

I am... A daughter. A Wife. A Student. A woman. A girl. A reader. A scrapbooker. A friend. An acquaintance. A dreamer. A wisher. A lover. A stranger. A writer. A lover of long showers. A restless sleeper. A cat-owner. A geek.
I am so many things. I have so many roles to play, but do I ever play them "right"?

I love this song by Christina and it's one I can definitely relate to so I decided to do a page for my art journal. I am a strong person and have only been made stronger by some of the hardships I have had to endure in regards to raising our kids and by going through some tough times with them. I always say what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger!!!

I decided to use this months prompt to start an art journal. I've been receiving daily inspiration emails that I will include in this journal. Because I am a fighter. I am a strong woman.

I did this months prompt on my relationship with my Mom over the years it has gone from bad to worse. Worse because I am not taking her or her significant other's crap!! I used a few verses out of the song for my journaling: After all the fights and the lies Guess you're wanting to haunt me But that won't work anymore No more uh uh, it's over. I attempted a fabric flower it didn't turn out how I wanted it to but just the same.

As soon as I saw the prompt I knew what I was going to do for this one! I am an individual, without a doubt! I love my tattoos! I have 4 of them...and if others don't like them...well, too bad...LOL! I definitely go by the beat of my own drum. I took some fabric and sewed it on as a skirt highlighting my back tattoo. Then took a vintage string of pearls and used it as an embellishment for the skirt!

I loved using fabric for this prompt...I made little yo-yo flowers, applied fabric to my page in strips, and used felt Thickers for my title!

In other news... I've been thinking about the direction I'd like to take this blog... unfortunately, I can't afford the time to search out sponsors, and we don't offer prizes anymore. I think that has affected the responses from all of you... and I'm considering changing things, and possibly consolidating Gutter Girlz into my art journal prompt blog. The prompts there are also twice a month, however they focus on the journal part of art... something people are welcome to do here, but don't often do. I think that sometimes, a lot of our prompts might get a better response if they were in an art journal instead of a scrap page.
I make any changes, we'll do that at the start of NEXT year. Just a heads up, and a request for your thoughts on making some small changes like the one mentioned.
Can't wait to see what you guys create with this prompt!!