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Sept. 15th, Prompt #43

THE PROMPT: Torturing Myself
THE SONG: Like it Rough by Lady Gaga
This one is a tough one!! Thanks to the daring Girls that took it on, and made it THEIRS!!
Sometimes I run into a prompt that is hard for me to relate to. I have love on my mind right now so I just couldn't come up with anything that went with the song lyrics or the title. BUT....if you ever run into this problem...DON'T give up on working on the prompt. Instead I used the "rope". I didn't have rope but twine works just as well!

I went with a fun page for this prompt....remembering back to our Outdoor Adventure in Puerto Vallarta and how the first of the 7 zip lines we did was torture! It was scary being up so high and running down that line while being 100 and some feet above the ground! But it was awesome and the next 6 were just plain fun!!!!!