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Aug. 30th Prompt #42

Hello! Welcome to the Gutter! This prompt is not hosted by any one design team member, and so I thought it would be cool for all of YOU to choose!! We're calling this prompt,
FREE CHOICE! What does that mean for you?
Choose title or "prompt" to start.
Pick a song of your choice that matches your prompt. (or the other way around.)
Choose something you've never done or used to try on your layout!!
Here's what the girlz created!
I chose the song "Can't be tamed" by Miley Cyrus and used the lyrics that say "I wanna fly, I wanna drive, I wanna go, I wanna be a part of something I don't know" and did my layout on my love of seeing new places, traveling and having an adventure. I hope to be able to travel more and see new places the older I get. My technique is paint (I painted on my transparency) and my product is transparency.


The song Margrethe used was from Patti's idea to use the song A place in this world, by Taylor Swift and a Map for her product/technique.
I used Studio Calico's Documentary collection, and their map patterned paper has Norway on it, and the part where I live, so I used that as a detail. For a long time I've felt I've been behind where I should be. I was 23 when we got our own place. I was still in school. I hadn't had a proper job. But over the last year, things changed. I'm still in school, but I'm about to start working on my masters dissertation. I've got a part time job. And I'm not scared of turning 25 (in a month). I may not have a cookie-cutter life, but I'm living my life as me.
I just did this page of my hubby and I recently with the song You make me smile by Uncle Kracker in mind...I love the words to this song! I typed the lyrics in different places on the background paper and then used bits and pieces of scraps to finish it up! :) I actually did one of AJ as well with the same song in mind.

The prompt: Baby Love
The song: Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson
The product/technique: Seed beads
I just love these pictures of my two oldest children (taken 10 years ago!) and decided to use them as my inspiration for the prompt. Which is kinda backwards, but that's just how I am. The song "Baby Love" was running through my head the whole time I thought about this page, but since that one's a little outdated, I chose a love-themed song by Ingrid Michaelson instead. The seed beads just seemed the perfect touch.

Take this "prompt" and inspire US this month!! See you on the 15th!
Can't wait to see what you create!!