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Aug. 15th Prompt #41

Our prompt this time!
Life and the Dream
Where the Green Grass Grows by Tim Magraw
This was a tough prompt for me....I didn't have anything resembling grass whatsoever, so I decided to paint my grass and some sky and went with more of an art journally feel to this one....It's one of my favorite songs from Tim and I was super excited to see it as the prompt for this month!

I did an art journal page this month. A week ago was my original sobriety date. It's not my sobriety date but it is when I first decided to lay down my shovel & go to AA and try something different. 5 years later I live in California. Have my life and "the" dream intermingled? Yes, but certainly not in the way I had imagined them and that is what my journaling is about. Dream big always but don't be attached to the package the dreams come in and you just might be surprised at how many do come true.

for this challenge I wanted to us a picture of my grandmothers house and altered the picture to reflect “where the green grass grows”

We recently moved to the country... and we love it there. I've always loved this song by Tim, and when I remembered I had a photo of the old rocker facing west that was sitting in the yard when we moved in, I had to use it to convey this prompt. We are living our dream... and taking life slowly. Where the green grass grows.

Can't wait to see what you create!!