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July 30th, Prompt #40

This post is brought to you by our DT member, Margrethe!!
Hello! Welcome to the Gutter! This has been one busy month, and it felt SO nice to get in the gutter.

The prompt this time is:
The PROMPT: Memories
The SONG: "No, I don't remember" by Anna Ternheim
The Product/Technique: Overlays/transparencies

Our guest designer this time is Angela!

Hi! I’m Angela. I live on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. This is actually my first time as a guest designer for a blog. And I’m more than a little excited about it!

I graduated last May with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising. Recently obtained my license as an Esthetician in Massachusetts. I work retail to pay the bills, and I scrap to save my sanity.

I started scrapbooking about seven years ago in 2003 – when I was 16, in my junior year of high school. Holy.crap. That seems like forever ago. The first thing I made was an album for my Mom for Mother’s Day and her birthday. I dabbled in it here and there throughout the rest of high school and still have that album kicking around somewhere..

I became *serious* about my scrapping in 2006, during my sophomore year of college. Or about as serious as you can be when you live in a room the size of a closet and have no space for storage, let alone to crop. Mini albums are where I started but right now layouts are where most of my pictures end up.

Recently I’ve moved more into the direction of what I like to call paper crafting; scrapbooking seems really lame to other people [especially dudes] when they ask you what your hobbies are. I’ve found a new love for creating canvases and attempting altered art.

My new favorite products are the Ranger Color Washes in the Tim Holtz line of products, Stampotique “artsy fartsy” girl rubber stamps, and deco tapes. I’m finally starting to use my stash of Hambly, love, Elsie, and American Crafts. And my old stand-bys, American Crafts Thickers, Bazzil white cardstock, and Bazzil kraft cardstock, are usually visible on ALL my layouts : ]

I’m always looking for new techniques online through blogs and tutorials, and I love picking the brains of the girls I scrap with at my LSS. Right now I’m *loving* watered down acrylic paints and my color washes, with masks, to alter white cardstock into something new. Paper flowers using circle punches are also a new favorite that keep popping up on my layouts. One thing I’m trying to incorporate more of onto my layouts is my handwriting.

You can find my ramblings and my layouts at http://angelaspangela.wordpress.com

My Layout:
This song was one I had never heard, but upon reading the lyrics all I could think of was my most recent ex-boyfriend.
  • I altered one of the lyrics, ‘I forgot how to cry,’ to make my title.
  • I used pictures of just me because I wanted ME to be the highlight of the layout and not him or our relationship.
  • I used the masked areas to do my journaling that I wanted everyone to read. It’s mostly random memories from the last year, stuff he and I talked about, and memories from when we were together for those couple months. I used the color washed areas to do hidden journaling for some stuff I needed to get out but didn’t want everyone to be able to read – such a neat trick!
  • My journaling reads: I have never cried over a guy as much as I did for Matt. I never want to do that again. Eventually I’ll pull my life together. Emotionally, financially, socially, romantically. Right now I’m just working on staying afloat - & that’s just fine. No one figures their life out before the age of 25 anyways! I miss the security blanket of college but I don’t think I could do classes anymore. Somewhere along the line I lost myself - & that’s not always an easy thing to find again. But I did. & then Matt happened. When we broke up I was an emotional mess for two weeks. It took me a considerable amount of time to want to be social again, & I’ve only recently started to date again. I’m not 100% the me I was before Matt, but I don’t think I’ll see that girl again. I’m starting to like this girl more. I hold all my pain inside. So many promises made & not a single one kept. No more tears for him unless I can drown him in them.
Journaling close up:

More from Angela:

Great prompt. I used the title of the song in my journaling. The song title inspired my journaling. I had fun using the overlays. I love how they look on a layout. I forget to use them alot of the times though.
In case you can't read my journaling here it is:
No, I don't remember many happy loving memories of my childhood. I look back on this snapshot and it forces me to try and remember good memories, but all I come up with is the bad. Growing up I preferred to stay in my fantasy family - you know the one - where I’m Cindy Brady. I used to hope and pray for a ‘normal’ family, but we just never made it. I sincerely hope I’ve grown into Carol Brady and that I’ve created the loving family for my son - one that I was never able to enjoy.
I used the word "memories" from the song and scrapped some pictures that I had been meaning to scrap for a while. Scrapping to me is about looking back, preserving the memories and having fun at the same time.

My brother passed away when I was 7, he was just 3...it was only a few months after this photo was taken. He was the first person I thought of when I saw the prompt...I remember a few little things about him, but not very much at all. I wish so badly that he was still with us. I would love to know what kind of a father, husband, brother, son he would have made. I know it my heart he would have been great at all of them. I used a white frame overlay as well as the wing transparencies....

I used the word memories and looked back on my childhood love for my easy bake oven. Oh how I loved baking brownies with that little light bulb. I still love to bake and Im always experimenting with new delicious treats! I also used the transparency. Hambly oh how I love thee.
I used some of the lyrics from the song as my title, and got crazy with transparencies!
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