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July 15th, Prompt #39

Please join me in hopping over to the Scrap Your CRAP blog and shouting at the gals over there! We SWAPPED with their Design Team!!
Before you head over their way, take a look at what their team did with our PROMPT!!
THE PROMPT: Mindless
THE SONG: Dickhead by Kate Nash

Kristin Fougeron
I would say most of my page is "trash" ...well, lets say when i was going thru all my scrapbooking supplies this is what stood out to me...
First I used the piece of packaging from some chipboard pieces as my background and spray painted the clouds onto it, then used the top of my snack for the sun and some plastic that you line you shelf with for the rays, then I had all these stamps so I thought that I would put them all under the picture and then I painted the fence and added some crackle to it with the bathroom fixtures as flowers ...
I also like the line in the song ....
Will you stop, no don't show
Just have a think before you
Will you stop it, oh will you just have a think before you..
My son sometimes does not think before he acts ....he does not use his mind... Thanks for letting me play along!!!!

I used part of the lyrics but changed the “f” word to “yucking”, as I found a rat out on my daughters play mat and it completely yucked up our play time! Rats remind me of rubbish (you know they’re scavengers and disgusting), so the “Trash” theme worked perfectly with this. I made a ruffle from a Milky Way packet, I used a bottle top, old cardboard that I tore the top layer off and then used the curls as embellies as well, I found a ring pull from a can, some scrunched up paper balls that my daughter had used for craft and no longer needed, some staples and lots of scraps of paper that I tore up. I also used some new bug stamps. All together this created a rubbishy theme to go with my disgusting rat! Thanks for making me think outside the box! This was a real challenge!

I found the prompt VERY challenging because the song uses language I don't use and hate hearing. I tried to get past the language to the meaning in the lyrics, and I ended up thinking about how I refuse to let other people ruin my life. They may make bad choices, but I get to have a choice about how I respond and how I see my life - a life truth that I do want to record as a scrapbook page, something I believe to be true. As for using trash in the prompt - I used some embellies that were nearly garbage, they'd been sitting on my desk so long, as well as an old key that doesn't belong to anything.

Even though I swear like a trooper I could not find a use for any of the lyrics in my layout (maybe I haven't met a proper dickhead yet...LOL) but the MINDLESS prompt did work for the picture of my with a "fat" lip.
Being someone who detests flying, the only way I was going on a plane after 5 years of refusing to do so, was to get completely wasted. I did not think of the aftereffects this had, as my boyfriend who only speaks English, had to pick me up from the airport floor in Salzburg/Austria, when I tripped and split my lip. Apparently we had to sit for about four hours at the airport until I sobered up enough to find the way to out hotel....needless to say I never acted so mindless again.
TRASH: the part of sequin waste tucked underneath the picture on the left hand side of the layout. Thanks for swapping with us!

Here is my image for your Kate Nash challenge. This song made me think of being stuck in LA traffic, and dealing with jerks on the roads. You know, the ones who drive on the shoulder and cut everyone off, the men in mini vans who drive like maniacs. The endless stop and go of the freeways... God I love LA!!! That awesome K&Co sticker of the man's mouth wide open is me, screaming in my car!! Thanks for letting us play, I had a lot of fun on this one!


I had so much fun doing this layout! For the background I used a torn page from a composition book and I added a piece of a broken paper-doily (directly from the trash bin). For matting the photo I used a piece of the paper that I usually use as a cutting mat (paper written on a side). Then I glued and stapled tiny bits of patterned papers (I keep them in a box, even the smallest scraps). I also used masking tape, white ink and a brown chalk. The page (and the title!!!!!) is dedicated to my ex boyfriend.Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH all you gals at Scrap Your Crap!! I love design team swaps!! This one is no exception! It's so fun to see what other gals will do with our prompts, and what directions they will take. You did NOT disappoint!!
Stay tuned on the 30th for another great prompt, and don't forget to play along with us here! Leave a comment and be in line to be invited to be a guest designer!