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June 15th, Prompt #38

Geeze!! Two "late" posts in one month. It's like I've been BUSY or something... lol I'm sending this from Indiana!! I put off the post thinking I'd be able to get it in while I was waiting for planes on my way here... but you know how airlines work. Always making things difficult by plane delays and baggage issues...
I'm the STAR of this show
Fingerprints by Katy Perry
Film Negative or Negative effects (there is a free process for this on Picnik.com called INVERT)
Please Welcome our Guest Designer:
Sarah Elliott
My name is Sarah Elliott and I live in Ottawa , Ontario, Canada. I’m mom to 4 boyz ages 12 down to 5 years old. Yes I’m busy, Yes I’m tired… and don’t ask how ‘clean’ my house is. ;O)

I'm also getting married in September 2010, lucky enough to have found love with a longtime high school friend who treats my boyz like his own, he is my missing Soul-Partner. So life is even busier right now, but oh so fun! I often refer to myself as having ADAD (Attention Deficit Art Disorder) as you can see on my blog www.keepsakescrafts.blogspot.com I’m always up to something Art-sy. I call myself a Mixed Media Artist because if I can find some way to craft it... I will. I’m always Re-Using, Re-ducing & Re-decorating. Been creative my whole life, don’t think I could put a ‘date’ on when I started making Art, if my Mum’s right it’d be on the wall about the same time she gave my solid foods.

Besides making a mess daily in my Studio at home: I’m also a Summer lover ‘cause I get to play in the garden, our Summers are way to short. I read lots & lots & lots… usually have 3-4 books on the go at any given time laying all over the house/car. I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to be a regular DT on ARTastic Challenge Blog and am looking so forward to the creative challenges ahead! In short: As you'll see by my page for this Challenge, I lead a Chaos-Driven life full of sh-tuff always going on, but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

I really had fun with this one... I kept meaning to put down my common diatribe about how we lead the PERFECT Sitcom Life. They would have a field day and years & years worth of situations we always seem to be in. I've never played with the features in Picnik... quite addictive. ;O) I was able to able to complete a large part of my LO right at Picnik then print & paste, awesome!

Journaling reads: I often wonder when the networks are going to show up at our door... wanting the rights to our life story for the next Prime Time Sitcom...
Script Notes:
Title: of our next Hit show
Solo-Parent-Mom of 4 boys + Fiance
little bit of estrogen dealing with A LOT of Teststerone!
Boy 1: 12 years old going on 16... teen angst, TEEN-many funny options
Boy 2: 9 years old... and already showing GAY tendencies, senstive etc...
Boy 3: 8 years old WILD-medication, school issues, dual personailty Great Storylines
Boy 4: 5 years old CUTE, baby of family- needs to be center of universe but Charms with smile and Big Brown Eyes. SELL IT!
Fiance: Work a LOT, helps when there but Mom is the Focus -the STAR
MOM: ADD, SAHM, ARTIST always trying to work in the chaos
EX: largely absent... occasional drop-ins allows for DRAMA.
It's my life, and I'm not sitting on the sidelines watching it pass me by...
-Fingerprints-Katy Parry-
Fish (scenery), Crazee Bunny... Scene Stealer
2 dogs: 1 neurotic, but quiet. 1 BAD chews, poops in the house etc... OH the SCENES.
Big Dog, Black (bunny) like Ninja, Medium Dog, (fish) pretty.

Design Team:
I have found that I love to paint. And the day I made this layout I had made a canvas painting using only my fingers. And it reminded me that no matter what I touch...I will always leave my fingerprints behind for someone to remember me by.


Love the lyrics to this song! I used a pic of my painty, messy hands and inverted it using picnik.com. I masked an alphabet sheet onto the background and then stamped the image. I drizzled some black glimmer mist on the page as well, did some messy stitching and stapled the hanging ends of the thread to the page....then used one of the lyrics from the song....

The lyrics to the song prompt really spoke to me this month. I just put my grandmother in the nursing home last week and I'm moving from Kansas to California here soon so the lines of 'leaving my fingerprints' and 'making my mark on the world' reminded me of this big change in my life. I've never been one that wanted to fit into anyone's mold or stereotype. Of course my mom always said they broke the mold after she had me :) In the book page you might notice the 50's woman which is my reference to the 'mold'. I chose to get messy with some paint & ink for fingerprints rather than use a negative. I used my DT kit from Top Shelf Memories to make most of this lo.


I had so much trouble figuring out what to make this month. I pondered about it for a long time before interpreting the prompt my way. Leaving fingerprints is one way to show that you've been here, but it can also mean you touched something, your way. There's a saying that everything has been thought of before, and that art is merely copying someone else's work, but doing it your way. I thought that leaving fingerprints could be a metaphor for this, so I decided to scraplift, as I happened upon the same die-cut paper. I had falled in love with a layout by Kaori, and wanted to "leave my mark". It also gave me the chance to play around with Maya Mists.
But I also wanted to make something, from scratch, so I made another layout as well. This is just playing around with Hambly screenprints and papers from Studio Calico...

I thought this was the prefect prompt to scrapbook about my scrapbooking. Just showing how I want you to remember me by all my scrapbooks and scrap gifts I have done over the last few years. I got messy with my handprint and it sure felt good!

I knew as soon as I saw the prompt that I'd easily be able to find a pic of at least one of our four kids hamming it up for the camera wearing something flashy. And when I saw these photos of our daughter from last summer, I knew they were perfect! I loved the song, but didn't "feel" it with these pics of my sweet girl. I had to go back in TIME to 2006 to find these sweeeeeeet photo negatives!!

Twice a month, we choose a guest gutter girl to play along with us! At least once a month, that guest is chosen HERE from those of YOU that play along! All you need to do to be considered for a guest spot, is create YOUR art from OUR prompt, then leave us a comment with a direct LINK to your creation in a comment here. Please be sure when you leave your comment, to include your email in the space provided in our comment system. Your email is not shared publicly, but it allows us to email guest invitations!!
Can't wait to see what you create!!
Also, Stay tuned on the 30th of this month, for our NEW prompt schedule coming this year! I think you'll like what we have planned.