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End of the Month MOJO JUNE '10

Nikki Z brings us our honorary Gutter Girl this month!! This month's Honorary Guest Designer is Susan!

I just love Susan's work! She has such a unique way of putting together pictures, paint and words....Here is her take on this month's prompt Fingerprints....

And check out some more of her fantastic work...You can tell her whole heart goes into all of her pages!

Let's learn a little bit more about Susan shall we?
Are you artistic in other ways/mediums?
Yes I am. I sew but it really is not my thing (meaning I don't enjoy it that much). I am going to make a tutu for Miss Aubrey right now ..shhh.don't tell Sarah. I also can create a a stunning table scape. I just started creating alter art and love collage.

Is there a scrap technique/style you are afraid to try or feel clueless about?
There is nothing I am afraid to try and several things I am clueless about. I continue to learn new techniques all of the time.

Who or what gives you the most inspiration when you create?
Other artist, other scrappers, the world around me and my family

If you had a super power, what would it be and why?
The power to heal cancer!

What cause or charity organization is most important to you?
Project Ed Bear is a not for profit all volunteer organization dedicated to providing comforts and needs for pediatric patients. My son Ede had bone tumors when he was 11. He is a healthy 27 year old young man now. We started Project Ed Bear together 16 years ago.
What was your most embarrassing moment?
I have had many but the one that comes to mind is when the back of my sundress became pull up with my panties after I went to the bathroom and I walked down the street with my husband for a long time before someone (woman) pulled me aside to let me know that my ass was hanging out. She said it much nicer than that! :)

Have you ever had plastic surgery? Would you?
Yes!! I had a tummy tuck last year. I will probably have nips and tucks as I get older and sag more. : )

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Seriously? How much space do I have..lol
I procrastinate
I say YES too often
I fail to schedule down time and then get mad about it
I am messy
I sometimes spend more money than I should
and the list goes on and on

I am an encourager
I am confident
I am not pretentious
I love and accept my friends and family as they are
I don't try to change anyone
(the last two strengths have only come after years of working on them and I am so much happier now)!

What was the most useful criticism you ever received?
Don't ever go to bed angry at your husband (or anyone really).

Are you the life of the party or do you blend into the background?
Depends on the party and the people but most the time I am the lie of the party.

Are you always on time or always late?
Almost always about 5 minutes late....drives my husband crazy as he is an always early kind of guy!

Are you spontaneous or do you prefer to plan everything out?
I plan but I am much more of a spontaneous person

What's your favorite Holiday tradition? Why?
The Gold gift! I give each of my children, grandchildren, husband and mother a gift wrapped in gold paper each year at Christmas that is just from me and not from Skip and I together.. This is a special gift chosen just for that person by me. It rarely is anything that they have asked for but often times their favorite gift . I shop for them all year long and when I find the perfect something that I know each person will love.I buy it. Examples are I gave Ede a first Edition of Catcher in the Rye one year and Buddy Holly's first album that was released another year(both things he LOVES but would never have even have thought to ask for. I gave Sarah's husband a picture of the first Massillon football team ever.. etc.

If your friends were asked to describe you, what 3 words would they use?
caring faithful and creative (I asked Sarah and this is what she said).

If you could be anyone famous, who would it be?
Myself..I AM famous you know! lol

Tell us ONE thing about you that nobody else would know?
Sarah is here with me and she says I should say that I am not a good driver and that I drive too slow...I think I should say that I was invited to the White house to meet the President (and I went)! OR maybe it should be I am not as nice as everyone thinks I am..lol Take your pick!

We'll be changing the way we are running our prompt schedule coming next month! I'll be creating a post in the next couple days about how things will run this coming year!!

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We're taking part in a design team SWAP on the 15ht, so we won't be having a guest designer. We're swapping with the crew at SCRAP YOUR CRAP!! We'll be hosting them on the 15th, but THEY are sharing our work for their blog on July 1st!! Be sure to hop over and say HEY to an amazing group of talented ladies!