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End of the Month MOJO May '10

OH MAN!! I totally lost track of my days!! It's the END OF THE MONTH!! I nearly forgot to get our end of the month MOJO up!!
Margrethe is hosting this month's End of the Month MOJO as well as this month's prize. She has asked Julie to be this month's honorary Gutter Girl! Due to some mix-ups on Margrethe's part, (apparently I'm not the only one mixed up at least...) Julie didn't get a chance to do this May's prompt. Instead she'll be showing some of her other works of art - she truly is an amazing artist!

Bio: My name is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I am a mixed-media artist and
avid scrapbooker. I live in New York City (right in Times Square),
where my husband (also my college sweetheart) has graciously accepted
that everything we own is covered in paint! I like to make art that
has a handmade, primitive feeling to it. You'll find lots of paint,
ink, hand cutting, and crazy color in my work. And I dabble in
everything from quilting to quilling!

I have been lucky enough to be published in books and magazines
including Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts Gifts, Creating
Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Scrapbook Trends, Somerset Memories, and
others! I regularly appear on both Scrapbook Memories TV (PBS) and
Quilting Arts TV (PBS). I am on the design teams for InfoCrea, Pencil
Lines, and Prima. I teach a live web class for Prima twice a month.
The classes are free, so be sure to check them out at
LiveWithPrima.com. I also teach around NYC, and will also be teaching
at CREATE (the CPS mixed media retreat) in Chicago, and for another
retreat in France in November. Also I'm excited to share that Cloth
Paper Scissors will be releasing my hour long DVD (lots of great
painting and texturizing techniques) in late July!

I've been scrapbooking for about seven years. It took me a while to
find my voice, but I've enjoyed every step of that journey. I love to
tell stories and make a mess and scrapbooking allows me to do both!

10 Random Scrapbooking Thoughts from Me:

1. I can't live without my Ranger Heat It Craft Tool (I'm an impatient
creator and it makes paint dry!) or my Cutterbee scissors.
2. I try to do something creative every single day.
3. Always try the things that scare you.
4. I am drawn to art that is quirky and unique, just as I am drawn to
people who are quirky and unique.
5. Gel Medium will always work when nothing else will stick this-to-that.
6. Don't ever be afraid to ruin it. You can't. Be brave and add that
next layer!
7. Use the photos of yourself with a double chin. Seriously.
8. One of the things I love most about scrapbooking is the community
that it creates. I adore going to crops!
9. Try to always put on apron. Otherwise, all your shirts will have
paint on them.
10. Perfection is overrated.

You can see more of Julie's art on her blog: Balzer Designs

For those of you dying to play along, post a direct link to your Gutter inspired projects in a comment on this post, THIS CURRENT POST or the one coming up on June 15th!! Your name will be put in the hat to win our prize from MARGRETHE: A $20 gift certificate from Studio Calico! We'll also keep our eyes open through the comments here for our NEXT guest gutter girl!!

We'd like to ask KeepSakeCrafts to be our GUEST designer for the upcoming prompt on the 15th!! Please email us using the email address (or the form if you click the email image) and use JUNE GUEST as your subject line! Let us know if you are interested!!

Our random number generator has selected CHERYL!! "Hi I love the textures ,too. I went with the song from concrete blond and re wrote the lyrics my interpretation is at www.scrapaddict4sure.com " Congratulations, Cheryl!! You've got yourself a 35$ gift certificate to TallyScrapper.com!! Send me an email with MAY PRIZE in your subject line, and I'll give you the details on how to redeem that!