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End of the Month MOJO Sept '09

We have a couple things to bring you on this end of the month Mojo!!

  • OUR DT Sponsored PRIZE!
Our honorary Gutter Girl is someone I came across here on the web a while ago. I'm not even 100% sure HOW she and I because contacts, but we did. I'm SO GLAD we did!! I totally enjoy her spirit, and all that she creates!! Plus, she has a shop called DIRTY LAUNDRY. I mean seriously. How could the gal who runs GUTTER GIRLZ not LOVE that!?!? Please help me welcome Beth Perry!!

Hi! My name is Beth and I live in St. Louis. I love creating, painting, making fabric jewelry and anything else that I feel like trying to learn on any given day.
Thank you for having me. This was such a blast creating from this prompt!
Lyrics from song: Just stop and take a second
As soon as I read those words in that song, I KNEW what I wanted to do. I have been wanting to make some kind of wall hanging with the awesome old lake photo I found at an antique mall in Paducah, KY.
Technique: blotted lipstick on Jenni Bowling sticker and covered with Crackle Glaze. After drying, put one more coat of clear drying glue (I used Zip Dry). The lace, star material and sewing bobbin are also antique finds.
etsy shop: DIRTY LAUNDRY
I took the chance to ask Beth a few questions about herself!!
What is your favorite art medium?
It would have to be gesso and spray paints. I love adding texture to my projects with the gesso and I am very much addicted to Glimmer Mists right now.
What inspires you creatively?
I love mixing metal hardware, with its industrial feel, to vintage objects, such as lace and material. There is something so inspiring about mixing the the hard edges to soft textures.
How long have you been creating?
About 4 years now.
When did you open your shop? What gave you the idea?
Just recently actually.(couple of months) I started making yoyo necklaces and had quite a few orders, so I decided to open a shop. I had also started making some custom albums for a friend and figured I could put them in there too. I know there are a lot of people that would just rather buy an album then trying to make one. (no, I don't understand these people. lol...but, that's ok by me!)
Who do you draw inspiration from?
There are so many people and blogs I draw inspiration from. But, a few of my recent faves are these:
I love love LOVE the shabby chic jewelry by Beth Quinn. (cool name, too)
Pam Garrison's amazing sewing skillz never cease to wow me.
Tara Anderson uses alot of the mixing soft pretty things with contrasting black paint or metal embellishments (as mentioned in what inspires me creatively). Grunge meets frilly, if you will.
Apart from owning a kick ass etsy shop, are there any other websites we can find you on?
I have online galleries here:
And you can become a FB fan of Dirty Laundry HERE:
This is the AWESOME piece that Beth created with our Sept Prompt!!

Is Beth's Shop DIRTY LAUNDRY!! When we draw our winners next month, we'll give away a prize sponsored by Dirty Laundry to a second lucky girl!! The winner will be getting a handmade yoyo necklace (the one beth is wearing in her photo above!)

This technique is brought to you by CHRISTI!!
Lace up your Chucks, ladies, we're about to go old school!! For this truly simple technique, all you'll need is a compass (the kind you used to use in school with a pencil, not the kind that tells direction), some paper, an ink pad if you want to edge your scallops with color, and a pair of scallop-edged decorative scissors (remember those?)!

Use your compass against your background cardstock to determine what size you'd like your circle to be. DO NOT touch the pencil to the paper at this point, just adjust the angle and move the point of the compass until you've got the circle size you want.

Now trace the circle onto the back of your patterned paper...

Use your decorative-edged scissors to cut out your circle, then ink the edges, if desired. Seriously, people, it's THAT easy!!

At the end of this process, you may notice you have one small spot where the pattern doesn't match up. Don't worry, you can easily cover that up as you can see in my finished layout.

And the great thing about this technique is that not only can you make scalloped circles of almost any size, but you could use different deco-scissors as well! Experiment and have fun...can't wait to see what you come up with!
Our prize winner of LARA'S prize offered in Aug. EOMM by random number generator...Delete
Ashley said... hope this link works Congratulations, Ashley!! I think I have your mailing information, so I'll pass that onto Lara!!
We ask one of our GIRLZ who take part in our challenges to be our guest every month, and this month, I'd like to invite:
said... I just loved this prompt so much, I got up in the middle of the night last night and did it - at 3am! My layout
Margrethe!! We'd LOVE to have you be our guest next month!! Please shoot me an email using the CONTACT button in the left sidebar. Put OCTOBER GUEST in your subject, and let me know if you're interested in playing along!!
OUR DT Sponsored PRIZE
Post a comment with a link to your Gutter Inspired creations from our Sept. 15th Prompt, and the upcoming Oct. 15th Prompt, and be entered to win one of TWO prizes, as well as be submitted to be chosen for our next GUEST!! Thanks to CHRISTI, who is offering a prize from her etsy shop Coffee's Shoppe!! This prize is her Autumn Mini Kit!!

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Beth Perry said...

first off: OMG, I LOVE THAT TECHNIQUE!!! I have always wondered how other people made their own die-cut or scalloped papers. Awesome and thanks for sharing. I will DEF be trying that!
Second, thank you girls (especially Rachel) for doing this! It was such a BLAST trying something different with your prompt and technique challenge.
you girls inspire me! Rachel, I don't know how we came across each other, either?? Maybe flickr? Oh hell, who cares! I am just glad we did! :D

JessiW said...

Awesome project from Beth! I love her work and she's such a fun girl! Great technique too! Such awesome things going on around here. I'm glad I finally had some time to drop back by.

~amy~ said...

yahoooo for Beth!! She rocks :)

Cool technique too...gotta give that a try!

Ashley said...


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! My RSS-feeder didn't notify me of this post! *emailing now!!!!*