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Sept. 15th, Prompt #29

So how was your SUMMER?!?! Did it fly by for you as FAST as it did for ME?!? I have had NO time it feels like!! Yet somehow, we ended up at the end of summer, and SCHOOL has started!! lol I totally haven't been able to get in a challenge in FOREVER... ::sigh::

I'm not ur bitch, BITCH
U and Ur HAND by Pink

I really REALLY wanted to get this one in... lol because I HAVE SHIT to get off my chest, man. SHIT. lol Maybe I'll have to play along and comment later... For now, you'll have to be happy with THE GIRLZ and our GUEST GUTTER GIRL!!
Our guest this month is AMY!!!

Hello fellow Gutter Girlz! My name is Amy or as most would call me - Ames! I am a SAHM to 3 lovely kids and wife to my High School Sweetheart, Travis. Oh, and I am a Scrapbooking freak! I will scrap anything....seriously, I will! I would like to say a big Thank You to the Gutter Girlz for the opportunity to be their Guest Gutter Girl for the month of September! It's truly an honor, you ladies are so freakin' awesome and a true inspiration!

I used some of the lyrics from Pink's song to describe how I feel when I get pissed off. It is something I try to work on alot but have major room for improvement on!!! I had fun posing beside this power pole that had a big "danger" sign on it to really show how nasty I can get. It's a constant struggle for me to control my temper and my mouth but I refuse to stop trying.

This was inspired by the fact that things at work panned out and it came out that my was being covered for. Glad that's OVER!




For the lipstick I kissed a tag and wrote "oh yeah and kiss my ass too!"

I've been thinking a lot this past week about a longterm friendship that went bad which sparked the journaling. This lo is to all the people in my past that I let use me and abuse me and toss me to the side. Now that I'm in recovery I'm so much stronger inside and can see my motives and others more clearly. I'm no ones free ride or wet blanket and I won't help anyone at my own expense anymore. The 80's punky feel of my lo really started when I added the lipstick.


Remember!! There's ALWAYS an angle to our prompts that fits YOU, because our challenges are ONLY to get the ideas running, and get you to create something you might not have thought to.
Lara is providing our PRIZE for this month!! Posting a link to your project in our comments here will put you in the drawing for her goodies!!

Remember too, that we'll be picking our NEXT guest gutter girl from this and last month's prompt!! That girl COULD be you!!

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Patti H said...

month by month you girlz always amaze me with your talent!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this months prompt!!

LaVon said...

Man, how I have missed you girls!! I freaking love this prompt.This has been on my heart for 2 months and I think I just didnt want to put my feelings on paper and embarass anyone. Oh well..they shd'nt have crossed me. Thanks girls. Cant wait to get started!!

Beth Perry said...

sweetness! :P

Anonymous said...

Got it done! :)

My take on the prompt.

Anonymous said...

My layout just got censored on Scrapbook.com!

lara said...

papirdiva - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Rachy said...

My take on this promt can be found...

Thank you so much for this promt... i was amazed at how much it helped to get this out.

Nikki Love said...

totally BITCHIN layouts ladies!!!! I haven't done a prompt in a while but sure hope I can squeeze in time for this one.

rachel whetzel said...

PaperDiva, We've run into that sort of thing before... lol If you're looking for an on line community that is AWESOME about our prompts, I recommend TallyScrapper.com!!

Patti H said...

papirdiva awesome layout.

Kelli said...

Ok so this is my 2nd month here and I am loving it!!! Had so much fun creating the scrapbook page last month, I couldn't wait for this months. Then the prompt came out and scrapbooking went right out of my head. I am not a big scrapbooker anyway but thought this was a great way to scrap about myself. Nope not this month. I love the prompt this month and this is what I came up with.

Nikki said...

THANK U for this prompt! it was perfect for me and i fell SOOOO much better now!


Angela Spangela said...

Here's what I did for this go 'round:

Vel said...

Wow, some truly amazing work here. I decided to take on the challenge for the first time. Here's mine:

Not your bitch

Leah the Orange said...

i absolutely HAD to do this one. thank you SO much for the awesome challenge - it was PERFECT for my little "situation" and therapeutic to put this journal page together.

here's my entry.

Leah the Orange said...

i REALLY need to play along with you girlz more often!

(hope it's okay that i posted to photobucket rather than my personal blog - might cause some, uh, controversy - ha!)

rachel whetzel said...

Absolutely OK to link on PB!! lol I totally get that!! LOVED your page, BTW.

ladybrayton71 said...

ooops! my link didn't take!

hereit is.

Leah the Orange said...

thank you so much, Rachel!
everyone's pages are usually so PERSONAL, it's fun to get a little glimpse, especially when it comes to the ANGRY prompts like this one. :D

love what i've seen for this one, too! great choice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys! :D *just realized she hadn't checked the comments here in a while and hadn't seen your comments to her*

Sarah said...

I am a little late, but I'm getting in on this one...got some stuff to get off my chest. Just have to get the pic for it off my computer.

Sarah said...

Aaaaaand I'm done!!! Here it is!!! Thanks for letting me play! I love your prompts!

ur a bitch

April said...

I was so exctited about the prompt but it took me forever to finish them because I have been crazy busy at work. But here they are. Still excited to be playin' along. Great layouts ladies!

Sarah said...

hmmmm...looks like my link didn't work...let's try it again...