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Christi Otis: Indiana
OnLine: latte_grande
Gallery: HERE
BLOG: Created by Coffee
Favorite Cuss Word: Mostly, I make up my own curse words. 'Flippity jibbits!' is a common one, and I say 'Frick!' alot. But the 'real' curse word I say when I stub my toe is 'Son of a BITCH!' so I guess that may be my favorite.
I'm a gutter girl for a lot of reasons. I believe in the healing power of ART. I think we should be able to say whatever we want in our albums and with our craft without fear. I believe that a big step in scrap therapy is being able to SHARE what we've created. Gutter Girls is the place for that, to share our innermost fears and our secret thoughts, no matter how dark and dirty.
My gutter girl idol is Kristina Contes, because she scraps REAL life. She doesn't worry about what's popular, she's not afraid to speak her mind, and I love that.