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End of the Month Mojo July '09

We've made some changes to how we are doing our prompts here, and one of those changes involves switching from two prompts a month to one in exchange for time and space at the end of the month to more specifically spotlight inspiring people and techniques. Each month, a different member of our design team will take on this job at the end of the month and share something with you. This month, that job is mine!! I wanted to share someone with you that you have already met. Her name is Staci.

She is one of our alumni here. One of the first gutter girlz. She has inspired me in so many ways... in one way in particular, that I'll be sharing with you. She has been a scrapper for 7 years, and been published in Scrapbook Trends, Memory Makers, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc, Scrapbooking and Beyond, For Keeps & Scrapbook and Cards Today.

For those of you who aren't aware, Staci is the mother of two beautiful girls. She is also the wife of her soul mate and high school sweetheart Ed. In October of 2007, Staci and her girls lost Ed when he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. I was one of the people blessed to know Staci before and after she lost Ed. She has inspired me in ways I would have never imagined through the sharing of her grief through her scrapbook pages. Here is my interview with her, and a few of her MANY pages that have inspired and challenged me.
When Ed passed away, when did you realize that your scrapping might be a good outlet for you to work through some of your grief? When he first passed away I honestly wondered if I would ever scrap again, and then I noticed that his boots were still by the front door, and I was drawn to photograph them. And after taking the picture...I realized that I wanted to scrap about it. So it started out as something as simple as that... and my friends that I had scrapped with every month for like 3 years....surprised me with a fundraiser crop, about a month after Ed passed away...I had not scrapped anything yet...I had started to feel the urge to scrap, but felt guilty for even thinking about it...How could I scrapbook when my husband was dead.....my friends reminded me of how much Ed supported my love of scrapbooking, he would get so excited when I would get a page published, and completely spoiled me with all the new goodies....and never said a word about all the crops I went to.....he was proud to be my Scrubby...So I think it was helpful...to scrap about him in the beginning.
Did it ever scare you to share your pages (either about Ed or not) with people when your topics weren't "happy"? I was a little nervous about sharing my layouts....when they were about Ed...I thought people would think that was wrong...whether it was about my depression....or pics of our headstone...I scrapped what I felt, and finally just felt that it was okay....probably because of the support that I found in the online scrapbook community...they let me cry, or bitch or just say life sucks!! but they never held that against me....I sometimes felt like they were sick of hearing about it...and then there were people that would thank me for sharing my story, and inturn share their story...
What would you say to someone who is struggling with the thought of scrapping something less happy? I just think about my kids and although we all want the happy Christmas pics, and birthday parties, I really think my girls will be able to get a more deep inside look at what I was going through during the time of losing their dad....and even helpful to myself was keeping a journal of just everyday fears and worries...that I look back at now to show how much I've grown...and that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was....and sharing with people is not for everyone, so if you don't feel comfortable with that...at least keep a journal for yourself.
In what ways have you felt like scrapping something along a more "heavy" train of thought has helped you heal? I'm nor sure why but when I scrap a heavy subject, and then post it online, and in turn get feedback and support....I feel this sense of freedom, like a release..and then a surge of strength......I can let go...it's out there for everyone to see.....
If you had one piece of advice to a scrapper who was grieving, what would it be? you will know when you're ready to scrapbook after a loss, and I would suggest leaving all the scrapbook "rules" behind...get painty..and dirty and free...and release all that pain on to paper.
You can visit Staci and read about her journey through her new life in SCHOOL and working toward a healthier HER on her blog STOP! It's Scrappin' Time! Look for this Fall in the fall issue of Scrapbooking and Beyond as well as Somerset Memories!!

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MartyGentry said...


Glenda T. said...

I love all of Staci's layouts and have always loved her style. I'm so glad she was spotlighted this month!! You rock Staci!

Nikki said...

Fantastic interview with Staci! She is on e of my favorite scrappers! Love her style and her inspiration is never ending! Thanks Staci for being you and sharing so much with us!

Patti H said...

I am another fan of Staci!! I love her honesty and how she shows what she is feeling with her photos! Great interview!!

Brandy said...

Great interview! Staci is very well loved! I thoroughly enjoyed the read (not to mention the los)!!!

Jan said...

Wonderful interview with a wonderful person!!! I "heart" Staci!!!

AmesOx said...

Wow, Thank you Staci for sharing your story behind your fabulous LO's! Your work is beautiful and truly inspirational...

{raisingAlexis} said...

Love the interview with Staci! I was so happy to have met her this past month, she is just awesome both inside and out! I love her get-it-out-in-front-of-you style! incredible!

Nikki Love said...

great interview and awesome prize for the challenge~!!!

Staci Compher said...

so cool to be featured on the gutter girlz blog!!! and you all rock....thanks so much for the nice comments.....and the love is right back at cha.......

LaVon said...

Cool new feature! Can you clairfy the new rules. When will you post a new challenge and when do you announce a winner? Thx!

rachel whetzel said...

Lavon, anything posted between the 30th and 28th will be entered for a prize AND for a guest spot.