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Nikki: South Carolina
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Favorite cuss word: Damn - Because it can be used in so many different ways....Dah-ham that's good....or Damn, that sucks! or Day-mn!!!!!....that rocks! Okay, shit is another fav, but since I can only list one....oh yeah, and the "f" bomb flies when I'm really pissed or worked up.

Why I love the gutter?????? I am free to express myself through my art without having to worry about offending anyone. No matter my mood or situation I can put something down on paper and not have to worry "what will they think?"...cuz you know what???? I don't care what anyone thinks...Just kidding...I do care, and sometimes that sucks! But I know those of us in the gutter appreciate everyone's work for the emotion and feeling behind it. I have created some of my favorite pages with these prompts, pages that I may not have done just because I didn't have a place to share them....but here I can!
* I am a workin' girl that's a wife to Jeffy and a mom to AJ. Love, love, love my guys to pieces....they make me laugh all the time because they are both so fast with a comeback...even AJ who's only 12 has this terrific sense of humor that always keeps me chuckling.
* I have been scrapping for somewhere around 11 years or so...and boy oh boy has my style changed! My brain thinks completely different about scrapping now than it did when I first started and though I laugh at some of my early work, I will never "re-do" it.
* I love sports, pretty much any and all of them...but especially NFL football and college Basketball...oh and that damn sport of golf....(see there's my favorite cuss word again)...I love golf but it's just so dang frustrating!!!!!! UGH!
* Gotta have my coffee in the morning...gotta!
* Gotta have my cocktails....my go to drinks are a good red zin and gin and tonics, but I'm not overly picky, I'll have whatever someone is serving! LOL!
My gutter girl idol is Kristina Contes - I love how some of her pages are so simple, yet so deep...and that to me is what it's all about. I don't care if you put one thing on a page or 10 things, the story you see or read there is what it's all about.