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Mar. 30th, Prompt 20

Hey gang!! How's it hangin'? We've been kicking it at the new pad on Ning, and loving it there!! If you haven't joined already, we sure hope you do!! It's going to be a GREAT place for us to share and get to know each other better!
So I wanted to talk a little bit about all that we are again... GutterGirlz is a group of girlz (that's the name) who got it in their heads that scrapping isn't ALWAYS about niceness, and politeness. Sometimes, it's about sharing yourself. Sometimes it's about going to that dark place, and once in a while, it's about getting all dirty in the gutter. What the gutter means for each of us is different. Once in a while, we might not even FEEL all that guttery. THAT'S ok too!! Here in the gutter, it's our goal to allow ALL of us, boy OR girl, to share the place that we are at NOW. It's not about keeping a memory alive for 100 years with acid free. It's about using what you FEEL and enjoying the process. Thanks so much to each and every one of you who GET that. For the comments you share between each other, and the time and energy you put into OUR site. Because what we do here, is a big deal!! We got to where we are without ANY advertising. Just word of mouth. Because of YOU. So thanks. We love you!!
Join me in welcoming Jenny!! She's our guest Gutter Gal for the next two prompts!! YOU could be next!! Don't forget to link your photos here in a comment to be entered to be our next gutter girl!! Be sure and hop over to Jenny's BLOG and tell her thanks for playing along with us!!

You'll also be entered to win our monthly prize!! This month, we're playing for a prize donated by our designer BECKY!! Thanks, Becky!! If you need to know more about the rules... CLICK HERE!


ZIP it.
Shut Up by Kelly Osborne









Get in there, ladies!! As you can see by the examples of our DT, the possibilities are ENDLESS with this one!!

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Patti H said...

Love this prompt!! You all rocked it again. Love all the different takes on this one! Off to think about mine

Nikki said...

awesome pages ladies! Love everyone's take on this prompt!

scrappypug said...

awesome job everyone- who knew a zipper could be so cool! Can't wait to do my take!

Patti H said...

here is mine:


Thanks girlz for the challenge!

Nikki Love said...

you girls so ROCKED this prompt!!!! Have to give mine a little thought ;)

Bree/Reilly said...

Great prompt - I had fun with this one

My Page is Here

Becky said...

these are fantastic!!!!!!

kitten91303 said...

OMGosh I had too much fun with this! It was like therapy LOL!!!


Can't wait to see the next prompt! Wonderful LO's DT!

scrappypug said...

Heres mine:

rachel whetzel said...

Anita sent us her link through email!! CHECK IT OUT!

Anonymous said...

hey everyone.. i am so new at this..I had so much fun doing it but my computer f'd up and it took till today to get it up here pooo!!!

ANyways had fun doing it here it is http://guttergirlz.ning.com/photo/icant-change-me-zip-it