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Mar. 15th, Prompt 19

It's CRAZY ass weeks like this week, that I'm SO happy that I'm not the only girl in the clubhouse. It's been a madhouse of STUFF this week, and I have to admit. This prompt was one I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to DO!! But... instead. I did TAXES. THAT, my friends, is the SUCK. But they are DONE and I don't have to pay, and even though I didn't get to play, WE HAVE WINNERS and we have PROMPTS!!
AND we have FORUM.

Visit GutterGirlz

Be SURE you check out the new forum!! A place to share photos, chat, email each other, and really have FUN. It's approved membership only, so you can rest assured that some person who just liked the fact that we have gutter and GIRLZ in the same sentence doesn't just join up.
On that note: A while ago, I took GutterGirlz off of Facebook. This happened when there were some questions about what FB's new Terms of Service meant in terms of ownership of what a person posts there. I didn't, and still do not want you gals to be compromised in that way, and lose ownership of what you create. Facebook has since changed its TOS to better state their intentions, and remove doubt about who owns what gets posted, but I have decided to keep the GG off as a group for now. I'll be sure to let you know if I change that. :) Just wanted you to know why we disappeared there!! We're still tweeting on Twitter, and now, able to post updates to you on ning!

Now onto the WINNING!! This month's guest designer, if she'll have us, is Jenny said... These layouts were great & this challenge just came all together while I was thinking about it yesterday. Thanks assholes
Jenny!! We loved what you did with the challenge, and we want to see more of you in the next two prompts!! Please email me, so we can chat about you joining us as our guest!! :) Guest Designers will also now be highlighted on the NING group!

Our winner of the FABULOUS prize from Christi's etsy store Coffee's Shoppe:
said... click here or whatever dude hope that works
Congratulations, Tonia!! Send me an email with your mailing address, and the title FEB. PRIZE so that I can pass your information on to Christi!!

BECKY is the gal whose donation will be up for grabs the next two prompts!! Check it!!

And NOW....
Junk in My Trunk
My Humps by Black Eyed Peas
JUNK from your trunk

Here's what our guest DT did this time, and what the rest of the gals came up with!!










So come ON!! Show us your JUNK ladies!! We can't wait to see what you come up with!!

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Becky said...

ROCK ON ladies. Super amazing!!!!

Adrienne said...

OMG Everything is super awesome!!! :D Great job fellow GIRLZ! :D

Nikki said...

Awesome, awesome stuff girls! They made me giggle!

Glenda T. said...

I always love how different everyone's take is on the challenges!! Total eye candy girls!!

Patti H said...

oh ladies these are all so fun!! Love seeing all your junk in your trunk LOL

latte_grande said...

Such a crazy fun prompt! Can't wait to see what all the gutter laydeez come up with! :)

Jenny said...

These layouts rock! I'm alittle intimidated but excited to join you!

Anonymous said...

I've finally been talked into participating here. I watch Lara do these all the time. But stayed away because I'm not a Girl.

I jumped in this week.
My Humps

lizzie said...

loved this prompt!

Anonymous said...

Junk in my Trunk

Nikki Love said...

Finally got mine done:


scrappypug said...


there is mine!