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Sarah Rice: NE Ohio
OnLine: Herhighness68
Gallery: HERE
BLOG: She Scraps
Favorite Cuss Word: I drop the F bomb like its going out of style... I tend to hurl loving swear words at my husband from time to time. It isn't uncommon for me to answer the phone what up slut/cock/bitch. I also tend to drop the evil Cee U Next Tuesday when it is deserved.... and sometimes it just is.

My NEW theory is my brain lives in the gutter, why shouldn't my art? I tend to be to politically correct with my design team pages and never feel the real show through. I'm sick of it! I'm sick of bottling who I am for fear what others might think. I'm sick of worrying who I might offend. I want to be ME. I want to boldly go where others will not go. I want the GUTTER.

I have always scrapped in some form. As a kiddo I kept memory books with pictures, journaling and bits of memorabilia. My art tends to evolve with my moods. I love bright happy papers, Hambly and pen work, I only rock the 8.5x11, I tend to rip things apart and save bits of junk to scrap with. My husband is trained (haha) to trash dig and bring me home cool things to use. To hell with the Acid free rule... it only stifles my creativity.

My gutter heroes are the original gutter girlz who have pushed me to look at art in a real way.... especially Rachel who inspired me to buy the Journal Revolution book that sparked my creativity.