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Shirley Standifird: California

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BLOG: Standing on the Edge
Favorite Cuss Word: I would have to say my favorite curse word is

Is my art in the gutter? Yes and no. I love the freedom that Gutter Art gives me. It is great therapy and a wonderful release that is definitely cheaper than paying for a psychiatrist or meds! As I get closer to 40 I am realizing that I do not want phoniness in my life and I definitely do not want it in my art. I am an adult woman and I make the choices as to what and whom I want in my life and what or whom I do not even want to deal with. I create for me now, I take pole-dancing lessons for me, and I lost weight for me. Yes, I take care of my family and my boys will always be number one in my life but now that they are 16 & 18, I feel as though I am free to be me! I wish I felt this type of freedom years ago, what a different attitude and way of living! I love getting my ART on! My Gutter Idols are the ladies right here on this blog with me! I admire the work of each and every one of Gutter Girlz and am truly inspired each time they share their creations!