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Patti: Ontario Canada
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Favorite Cuss Word: Shit
I dunno why, but shit rolls off my tongue (figuratively, not literally) easier than just about any cuss word. Mind you, when I’m REALLY ticked, you will hear the f-bomb !! I think ‘shit’ can be easily adapted into just about any conversation or statement and it’s such a universal term because I use it when I’m excited “Holy shit” and then when I’m ticked “Oh for shit sake”. Sometimes, I just don’t give a shit when I use it in a sentence !

I’m a middle age mother, wife, grandmother and business owner. My days are non-stop from beginning to end and my only solace is when I’m tucked away in my scrapping room creating a layout. My other vices include gambling (slots), icy cold beer and gardening - where I also look at my yard work as creating layouts.

Scrapping has led me to become a photographer extraordinaire and I am never without a camera around my neck or tucked in my purse. I have taken thousands upon thousands of photos since I started scrapping a few years ago and there is no greater pleasure than looking back over cherished memories that have been committed to scrapbooks. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of taking pictures !!

I am honored and thrilled to have been selected to join the Design Team for GutterGirlz. GutterGirlz has got to be THE best forum for expressing yourself, sharing your feelings, and just being you. I think I’ll fit right in, because years ago my BFF tagged me with the moniker “ditch pig” ... I think that more than qualifies me, don’t you? GutterGirlz is an exceptional site and I am looking forward to the upcoming opportunities and experiences.

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Cheri Pryor said...

Well, it makes sense that "Potti's" favorite cuss word is shit. lmao!!