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Kristy Dalman: Michigan
OnLine: kitten91303
Gallery: My DeviantArt Gallery (pencils and such)
BLOG: My Corner of the Studio
Favorite Cuss Word: That HAS to be FUCK! It can be anything! It can show up anywhere! Its fan-FUCKIN-tastic! But with two tiny kids around my swear words tend to get truncated and come out "F'in this" and "that piece of S!"

I don't want to start with the typical (mom of 2, married for 5 1/2 years blah blah blah) b/c Gutter Girls isn't about THEM its about ME! I'm a ball of contradictions: a shy loud mouth, a sensitive rage hoarder, an expressive introvert. Playing in the Gutter is Therapy for me, without the $300/hr price tag! I'm working at putting the past behind me and growing in the here and now.

I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago but I've spent my life drawing and later painting. I learned a lot from a grandmother who was a master seamstress and a grandpa who could make anything out of wood (carvings, dollhouses, jewelry boxes etc) though I never got to see them alot I thank them everyday for the gift of art passed along!
  • I was never a cool kid, I was a band geek (TRUMPETS ROCK!) and an artsy person.
  • I'm officially addicted to Pepsi... sigh.
  • I've moved 7 times in 7 years
  • I'm finally becoming comfortable with myself. Not an easy feat with my past.
  • I LOVE home improvement! Give me a hammer and jigsaw and watch me work it baby!
I can find something to love in everyone's styles but every time I see stuff from Bree, Glenda or Rachel I am inspired! They inspire me try new things and tell it like it is, how it is, how I want to! My art is MINE and they show it!!!