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Kristen Alcatara: NoVa
OnLine: Inkster
Gallery: HERE
BLOG: Casting-On
Favorite Cuss Word: Shitfuck! Said loudly and animatedly when something spills/I get excited or the wind blows.
I started working in a journal a couple years ago and really started scrapbooking in earnest three months ago when I moved to the US. Before i moved I created with anything I could get my hands on : packages and paint mostly and now that I have access to a world of scrappy products I combine the both to form a ‘new’ style for myself. I am constantly playing around with different techniques so that I can experience everything possible! I’m torn between cute and grungy, nice and naughty but there’s room for dessert on every plate. Basically my entire art career has been about pleasing clients and juggling them like spiky day glo balls, but I’m over it. I paid my dues. And now I create for ME. Nobody else. You like it? Pay me? You don’t like it? bite me. Raw and ready or not, here I come.
My gutter girl idol? I wanted to say kristina contes because I love her style but honestly its anyone who plays with paper in some way.