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Kammie Reimer: Sunny Southern California.
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BLOG: Kreative Korner by Kammie
Her favorite cuss word:
Fuck! It just says it all!
My mind is typically in the gutter, so it will be a nice place to express it in words and visuals my true self--a trucker's mouth! While I have realized my "art" is simple like me, I truly have a passion for having a dirty mind and very sick demented sense of humor. I have become a little jaded and bitter about certain things, so maybe expressing it now will help me with my own issues--it can't hurt!

I began seriously scrapping right before Christmas. It helps that my BFF, Shirley of 25+ years has a full studio full of "stuff" she doesn't use or want, so I was fortunate to be the recipient of a lot of hand-me-downs. So after all these years she has been scrappin' she finally suckered me in to this cult! LOL, but I have enjoyed it not to mention the great people I have met through various message boards and scrap businesses.

People typically would like to know what my style is. Shirley told me I would come in to my own style and I mentioned to her recently that I believe my style that I have developed is "simple." I am not one to gawdy a project up for the sake of using product--I am the opposite, I like hoard my products! Also, I have come to realize I do not like to do layouts! This is sad because most people that scrap believe that's all there is to scrapbooking is creating layouts to be put in a book and shelved. Personally, I enjoy altering items that can be used as actual display or decorative pieces. I enjoy the look on one's face when they open a gift that reflects pictures from their life or something they can use to preserve family memories. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can make someone happy in this manner. And I can get them to cry--I know I struck the jackpot! *LOL* I have attempted some card-making but not to the extent of some others, but I am trying--I have enjoyed making homemade cards for friends and family--I hope they have been keeping them like I do when I receive a homemade card.

I look forward to working with these other talented ladies on the Design Team and hope their talent rubs all over me, BUT I think I will be able to rub off on them with my "gutter" mind!