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Jan Stribling: South Carolina
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BLOG: Heart Scraps
Favorite Cuss Word: Geez, my favorite curse word has got to be FUCK! It's a nice one syllable, says-it-all, kind of word. Screwed something up? FUCK! Someone just told you something unbelievable? Fuuuckkk.... (You gotta stretch it out like that.) It fits all situations. I also spew forth a shit or dammit every now and then, too.
Up until now I have been in the gutter closet. As someone who USED to be heavy into painting, drawing, photography, etc., I totally veered away from anything to do with art for a long time. I was disappointed in myself for not finishing art school and for years felt that big L for loser across my forehead. Thanks to scrapbooking (Can you imagine?) I'm finding my way back to art. I started scrapping my son after he was born and since meeting up with some uber super women over at TallyScrapper, I'm about to go gutter divin'! As far as any "idols", I'm not into the big name scrappers. My idols are here! I love the work of the GutterGirlz right here! They've been inspiration much more so than anyone in a scrapping mag!