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March 15th, Prompt #35

Things are a little weird right now, because of my move, and our canceled Design Team Swap!! Keep leaving your links! When we have a sponsor, I'll be going back into the comments and including commentors from all the prompts since our last winner!!
Let's get to this one!! It's a GREAT prompt. I wish I was more unpacked. It's one I was really looking forward to. Sucks not having a printer!! (OR being able to find the box with my PHOTOS in it... )

THE SONG: The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Here's what the girls came up with!!
This month's song really struck a chord with me. I've always felt that I'm "behind" when it comes to what other people my age has achieved. I was late getting my first job. I'm still in school. I don't have kids (and not sure I want to, either), etc. But it's dawned on me. I'm not. I'm not working full time /because/ I am still in school. Sure, I could have finished my degrees sooner, of I hadn't taken a few extra years, and so on, but because of that, I am the person I've become. And I'm not really behind, either, I've just chosen a different path in life.

The words in this song always strike a chord in me because it seems like I am always climbing and that there isn't a plateau for very long. I'm hoping that in the next few years my husband and I will have kid-free drama and be able to just enjoy our time without having their troubles become our own. I know this sounds selfish but if you are parents of teens you probably know exactly what I'm talking about!!! I'm tired of climbing but I know it has made me strong!!!

Love this song!!!! the words are so perfect!

I think this one speaks for itself.

I wanted to take this layout and share photos of my daughter through the years. It feels like the last year has been such a struggle for us...with her...now that she is almost 20. I keep having to remind myself that its not whats on the other side but it is the climb to get there that matters.

I used lyrics from the song. With all these medical tests I have been put through in the last two years. It has been a steep climb for me.

I decided to take the easy obvious route this time. When I went to look for pics these were the first I found & I'm glad to have them scrapped. I've made the trip between Tulsa and KC many times but it was fun to stop at the places along the way this time and see some things I'd never seen. And a few things I'd seen numerous times in my life. Reminds me that it's not just about where you are going but the route along the way.

I saw Muse a couple of weeks ago and all of these memories of the trip I call "Muse Odyssey" came flooding back. This layout background is 2 maps cut up and pieced back together to form a 12x12 paper. Lyrics from a favorite Muse song are tape transferred in the corner.

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