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Dec. 15th, Prompt #32

THE PROMPT: I'm Only Fine
It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing by Shania Twain PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: Mesh/Gauze
Don't forget that playing along with us will place you in a spot to be chosen as our guest gutter girl!!
Thanks to KIM for joining us this month as our guest!!

I am a huge Shania Twain Fan and love this song of hers. Naturally I thought initially that the layout would be about something that is/was painful for me and has something to do along the lines of love. So, I would create a layout based on that, right? Wrong! When I flicked through my pictures and came across this of myself in 1968 I knew it was perfect. I fell down in the snow and found the parts of the lyric "Don't think I'm lyin' 'round cryin' at night. There's no need to worry, I'm really all right " to be absolutely fitting for the project, without being too earnest. As I did not have any mesh to work with, I thought some punchinella would be an ok alternative and I think it fits the snow/winter theme quite well

I only "found" the Gutter Girlz challenges a couple of weeks ago, through Kristy and bookmarked the blog straight away. I love that the Girlz are so different - with so many challenge blogs around doing the same style things it is refreshing to see something unique, something that allows you to put your own twist on things. I am loving this blog and will be back for each challenge.

Having started crafting more seriously way back in December 2004, I enjoy being able to use pretty papers, glue and scissor as my creative outlet for a stressfull day job. I adore the process of having a blank page in front of you and just by adding bits and pieces you can see a little piece of artwork unfolding in front of you.

Thank you very much, Gutter Girlz for having me this month - it has been a blast and I cannot WAIT to see what you have lined up for us for January 2010.
Happy holidays everyone, stay safe and keep on scrapping :)

Here's what the rest of the girlz have this month!!
I wanted this layout to be about how I really don't have alot to complain about. Sure, I have times when things get tough or I go through bad times, but all in all I really can't complain when I look at what others are going through. I have my health, a good job, my family and my art. Life is sweet.

I LOVE this picture of my husband, actually wanted it to be our Christmas card but I was to busy to get them ordered. But when I read this title for the prompt I knew this is what I wanted to make. He so makes me happy and I am aways okay and fine when he is with me.

As soon as I saw the title for the song I immediately thought of my sisters death. When she died it was crushing & threw me into a deep depression. It will be 12 years in February that she's been gone. I miss her still today, especially this time of year. I don't know if you get past the pain or if you just get used to the hole left inside.

"I'm only fine when you look on the surface" is what my LO says and its true. The pic is also a great representation of it as you can just see the outside edge and not really see me. Which is how I feel. I put on a happy face and try to convince myself and everyone else that everything is just fine.

the lil frame is highlighting/drawing attention to my thumbprint, representing the surface.

gauche alchemy products inspired this one along with the Shania Twain lyrics.

Just a little reminder to myself that I really AM fine.

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Irma said...

yay!!! I spent yesterday reading this blog--amazed at all of your talent, and this morning I was stalking for the new prompt. I'm in for the 1st time.
Great Lo Kim and the DT rocked it!!!

KimmyS said...

OMG how freakin cool are all those layouts??? LOVE LOVE LOVE every single one of them. You girls are so talented!!!

Becky said...

awesome job everyone. I always love how everyone has a different take on the prompts!

Kristy said...

Love all the takes girlies!!! So glad to see ya love us Girlz Kimmy!!! HUGS Teamie! Great LO!

Irma said...

My first time doing a Gutter Girlz prompt :)
Here it is:

Anonymous said...

I finally did it! Took some time this month...


Joyce said...

Here's mine:


Jenny said...

Glad to be back! Searched for awhile & couldn't find my black mesh {I know it's here someplace...} so I used screen instead. Here it is: 2009

anne g-i said...

Found this blog a few weeks ago and have been exploring - amazing and inspiring work!!! I am in awe.

Here is my layout:

Hello! My name is April. said...

Here's my LO. http://msmomcraft.blogspot.com/2010/01/guttergirlz-prompt-32-im-only-fine.html
I just tried to add my comment and got a 404 error. So if by some chance that the web gods posted it, sorry for the double post. I loved everyone's LO; you ladies are great!

Laurajean said...

Here is my layout for this challenge...just a layout about letting go of some feelings...

TheMommaBear said...

I just found this website tonite and absolutly love it!!!! this is what im talking about ..you gurls are the stuff!!!i will be stalking here and will submit as time permits!!! keep rocking it!!!


TheMommaBear said...
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TheMommaBear said...

well i got a little time after all tonite..this is what i came up with in the last 2 hours...thanks for looking , sweet dreams.



Irma said...

I did another one too ;)

ladybrayton71 said...

I'm too late for the challenge, but I wanted to share what I created. Hereit is