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End of the Month MOJO Nov '09

Thank you to Susan for conducting this month's EOMM interview!!

When asked to pick this months Honorary Gutter Girl my mind immediately went to Tracy P. I met Tracy on a couple of message boards that we were both hanging out on and not only did I love her scrap style but her crazy personality too. I asked Tracy to do this months challenge and to tell us a bit about herself.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a Busy Mother of a girl who is 10 going on 20 and a just recently turned teenage Boy, The Wife of a Banker and the feed supply/walking escort/Belly rubber of my Big Loveable dog "Captain jack". I work for a Wearable Artisit who travels the country doing juried National shows from coast to coast. I am her right hand gal or more politically correct I am her Assistant.

How did you start scrapping
Just after my Divorce (2001) I was a thorn in my Mother's side. Literally! I had no Friends and no Hobbies, so I was constantly in her hair. One of her friends was a CM host and we went to her crop. I was instantly hooked and I haven't looked back since

Explain your thought process about this months prompt and your lo.
Well I wasn't really going for sad and depressing. However when I listened to the song and heard the line "Don't equating Death with stopping" and noticing that it was 2yrs to the day that we buried my father. It hit me, that I needed too scrap a LO about my Dad. I remembered a recent photo and expirence that I had and that was my inspiration. The LO really took on it's own personality from there. I know that sounds crazy! However I never paint or use gesso or gel medium on a LO. I really was drawn to that technique for some reason.

Pratt? Are you related to Spencer & Heidi? hehe
Oh God NO!!!!!!!! Well maybe? lol.... My Husbands Married name! Actually his late Grandmother was a very famous Ballet Dancer (Ella Fountain Keesler Pratt) in North Carolina who was the head of the Arts council at Duke University and very dedicated to bringing the arts to North Carolina, His Uncle Sam also in North Carolina is an Artist who works with clay on canvas. No famous Artisits in my Family. Damn;)

What puts you in the mood to create
The desire to create. I have to create everyday! All things put me in the mood. But mostly working all day side by side with an Artist, that really pumps me to go home and utilize some god given talent.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
My Inspiration comes from everywhere!!! I never really know. I am constantly thinking of thoughts for my next LO and the one after that and after that! lol
Sometimes I think my head is going to explode! I have found trying to relax at night in the bath tub with Mozart and a good book or glass of wine is no exception! I Think ART therefore I am.. really applies too me

I know you've lived and visited a lot of other countries. Which one was the greatest source of inspiration and why.
WOW! That's a hard one. My Most favorite country would have too be the Netherlands or France or Germany, Switerland. Yeah I cannot decide, they are all beautiful and offer so many different things! The Netherlands for Amsterdam and it's cheeses and windmills and of course it's canals, I loved walking down the narrow streets or riding my bike around, it was an amazing experience. Oh and the Architecture can't be beat! France for all the Beautiful castles and rolling country sides and of course the finest food ever and oh the ART!!!!!!! Germany.. well I just love Germany! LOL must be because I am German. The people there are some of the finest I have ever met!!! I love to travel and I am not done with my quest for new places too visit either

What are your fav. songs right now.
Gosh... I really don't know! I have way too many. I'm still stuck in the 80's. I love the Ramones, depeche Mode and the Cure. I love all Genres of Music I am a HUGE Green Day fan. One would think I am all Rock n Roll, however i can sit and listen to Yo Yo Ma, Mozart,Vivaldi or Enya for Hours and I still Love me some Dr Dre & I will always have a place in my soul for the Beatles. I am really diverse when it comes to music

Last book you read?
The latest Sookie Stackhouse Novel. It was a good read however not long enough

Christmas wish list?
A New washer & Dryer
World Market Lavender Bubble bath
I need some new earbuds for my iPod
some scrappy supplies

Any specific direction you'd like to take your art in the coming year?

I would like to be published!

Do any other arts or crafts?
I like too paint and play around with clay when I have the time, I can't sew, nor do I have a desire. I do own a sewing machine though. So maybe someday. lol

Share with us 3-5 of your favorite lo's or projects and tell us why each is a fav.

I Love this LO of my DS from 2003 when he was in the 1st grade.I Love to layer product, I just Love how this LO worked out in the end with the Bright colors that really make the LO pop! And how cute and innocent he was at this age.

This LO of DD is one of my Favorites because, I adore this candid photo of her. And all the whimsey I created with the unicorn paper, the tulle and the hambly bicycle paper peeking underneath and than the Frame around the entire LO completes it.

This LO was so fun to create and captures my style which is eclectic and one of my favorite past times taking bubble Baths. So many of my LO's I are not pre-thought and are a total surprise. I start with a photo and build from there with color, texture and dimension.

I Love this LO because I used a book page and cut the photos of them to look as though they were walking through the path. It's a pretty cool technique that added so much whimsy to this page.

And Finally this LO that is my all time favorite! My Kids love winter! Each winter you will find us on the slopes either skiing or sledding, I love how this one turned out by just adding bits and bits of color from different manufacturers. And the smiles of my kids in the photo is priceless.


KimmyS said...
Awesome challenge!! I played along and this will certainly not be the only time. I cannot wait for the next challenge already


Kimmy, we'd LOVE to have you as our guest gutter girl for our upcoming prompt on Dec. 15th!! Please send us an email using the link in our left sidebar and let us know if you are able to be our guest!! Please put DEC GUEST in your subject line.

will be a gift certificate to TallyScrapper!!

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Joyce said...

Yay Kimmy

Glenda T. said...

Congrats Kimmy and I loved having Tracy join us!!

VISION Photography | www.mytruevision.com | This is my true vision said...

your blog is great and your work is like woven memory...the connection between past thoughts, emotions, hope expressed artistically to 'build' something that can create new memories...in essence reaching into yester to shape tomorrow.

i like it.

this is how i see my photography.

Jingle said...

Congratulations, Kimmy! Your layout is wonderful!

KimmyS said...

oh oh oh oh OHHHHHHHHHH how freakin' cool!!!!
For sure I'll be honoured to play for December. I will shoot you an email straight away!!
Thanks so much girls!