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May 15th, Prompt 23

So much to SHARE with you!! We're looking for NEW Designers!! The search is on... can't wait to see what you all submit to us!!
It's not all Roses
Rock Bottom by Eminem
PERFUME (visible or not it's not a big deal!!)
Here's what our gals did this time!! Thanks, Kristy, for joining us as our guest!!





We have a GREAT sponsor again this month!! Glenda has helped us secure a GREAT sponsor, Magistical Memories!! You have a chance to win a scrap easel!!

Be sure to leave us a comment below with a link to your project!! Playing and leaving a comment for this, and our challenge on the 30th will give you a chance to have your name drawn to win this prize!!
WINNER of the DT sponsored prize from Lara!!
Lori B
said...Hi, HERE is my take on this challenge...I have never scrapped without a picture before!
Winner of our BONUS prize from
Shop Crop SUEY!!
sarah said...fun fun fun! i loved this challenge. here's mine thanks so much for the inspo.
Thanks for playing, you two!! Be sure to send your mailing information through the CONTACT link in the left sidebar. Please specify which prize you won in your subject line.
scrappypug said... I am in the gutter again!
To join us as our next GUEST Gutter Girl!! Scrappy, we've LOVED your pages over the last months, and it's time you came on for a while with us!! Shoot over an email and tell us if you can take on the next two challenges as our guest!!
Just a reminder!! The team chooses our guest designers from the comments with projects linked here on the blog!! Lots of good stuff for you if you play and share with us!! Mwah!

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JessiW said...

Great layouts girls! I would love to enter the DT search, but I'll have to see if I have the time. Here is my entry for this prompt:

Lori B said...

WOW! What a great surprise to see my name as the winner under Lara's sponsored prize...thanks a lot ladies! :)) I am speechless!

Patti H said...

I too am thinking about trying out for the design team but I have to work on all the questions and requirements. I will put under a separate post.
Loved this challenge. I used words out of the song and I used the title.
Thanks for another fun one!!
Here is mine layout


scrappypug said...

wohooo great prompt and I will be thrilled to be a guest designer!

sarah said...

wahooooo!!! thanks so much!

hopefully if i have time, i'll work on this current challenge. it sounds like a lot of fun!


Kristy said...

I love playing in the Gutter. Its really letting me explore my scrapping and work out some issues from the past (and present LOL). These are things I've bottled up since I've been a little kid and I'm putting full emotion into these challenges. I'll not go into detail but its been helpful for me.

I am a FTWM of 2 kids, I've been married for 5 1/2 years. Besides scrapping I am a fine artist (painting and drawing) but I do alot more scrapping b/c having two tiny kids isn't very condusive to the mess I make painting LOL. But if you are interested you can see some of my pencils on my Deviant Art acct.Here is my submissionI can promote GG on 2Peas, scrapbook.com, CafeMom and scrap-room.com

My blog is My Corner of the Studio I've really started to expand my scrapping in the last 6 months and am finding alot of neat things to use though I'm not sure anything would be called crazy. Though anything is a possible scrap item. I did do a LO for you guys one where the whole BG was torn cardboard.

Thanks for the chance to apply! I'll be here one way of the other!


Patti H said...


Hi, my name is Patti and I’m a middle aged wife, mother, grandmother, business owner and scrapper extraordinaire !! We are in my most favourite season of the year, and when I’m not busy scrapping I LOVE to take my handiwork out in to the garden and create a different type of visual masterpiece !

I enjoy playing in the gutter because the challenges have forced me to really focus on my work and prepare a design that responds to all the requirements, while using photos I would not normally have used in a layout. The GutterGirlz challenges are unique and off the wall and that pretty much describes me ! I believe I belong in the gutter and look forward to your favourable consideration in allowing me to join the Design Team.

Here is a link to my May 15th challenge http://nannierocks.blogspot.com/2009/05/get-into-gutter-with-me.html and a link to my Blog http://nannierocks.blogspot.com/. I would proudly promote GutterGirlz on my blog and any scrapping boards I belong to.

The craziest ‘non scrap’ product or technique that I have ever used is dirt !! Yet another reason why I belong in the gutter (ha ha).

Polly said...

this prompt just sums up my week ;) DH is being a complete arse, work is even sh***er (if thats ever possible) and so this prompt is where i'm at rock bottom.
love showing that scrapping isn't just all prima flowers and pretty ribbon :D It's about raw emotions. I love the gutter.

jen said...

Hello, I am Jen Ashby. I am a 39 year old mom to two boys, wife, and Art teacher to 7th and 8th graders. I just finished my 2nd Masters degree and have been looking for a site to try out for the DT to help inspire me.(since I finally have a little time on my hands…) Gutter Girlz really caught my eye. I have been scrapbooking, and creating altered art for about 15 years…officially that is…I have been making books and pages longer than I can remember. I have always used things that were not exactly what everyone else was using. I believe that the Gutter would be a good fit for me because of the out of the box attitude thats displayed here. I love to play and experiment, take materials and make them do unordinary things. I don’t put limits on how I use my materials and I don’t really care about the rules of acidity because the art comes first. Hand drawn elements are my favorite. When I create a page I like to think that it isn’t like anyone elses….I taught at a scrapbook store, but I felt that the classes they wanted me to teach were just mass producing a single page over and over. They didn’t let me show people how to express themselves in their scrapbooks, so I quit “teaching”there…..
Here is my submission for the DT. I used some of the words from the song, you can’t see it very well in the picture, but I used Versamark in the background and stamped “there are some people that love me and some that hate me” I used cereal box as the letters in the word “maybe”, The doodles are hand drawn, cut out and glued down, then I made the roses from quilled corrugated cardboard, I inked and put a little bit of glitter glue on them so they would stand out. The rest of the words are rub ons. The picture flips up to show journaling. I also sanded the picture to give it a look of noise on an old television because I used a very old photo from when I was a baby.
Some of the communities I belong to are scrapbook.com (revvedenjen)(Revved Engine), photobucket jen's photobucketand flickerjen's flickrhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/56427790@N00/ I have also started a blog called ALTERED EGO (http://alteredegotoo.blogspot.com) to show some cool techniques I have learned recently and am going to post about this site…. I am also a full time teacher at Jo Ann Fabrics teaching altered art and bookmaking that I would definitely mention being in the gutter…whether or not I make the DT. Its just THAT freakin cool….

One of the craziest things I have ever used on a page or in a journal is duct tape…and aluminum cans…and oh…gift cards, & photocopies..Oh!..crap! I have to use just one? I run EVERYTHING through my die cut machine and whittle them out with my tinsnips and xacto knife…or I just cut it out with my tinsnips if I need a bigger letter or shape.
I look forward to being inspired by the wonderful artists and artwork that are on this blog...its is fabulous.

Jingle said...

This is my Design Team Submission.

My name is Jennifer, but Jingle works. I am married to an absolutely wonderful man whom I love with all my heart. I have two beautiful black labs, Maggie and Thatcher. I don't have any children. I am thirty. I don't plan to have any children. I like to read and bake. I collect children's literature. I love to create. It started with scrapbooking, but it has evolved to all kinds of art. I like to work with anything that I can get my hands on! I am inspired by life, little things, actually. I am also inspired by the creativity of others. I belong in the gutter because I am passionate. I feel. I am real. I want to express that even more in my artwork and I want to share that with others and encourage them to do the same. It's good for you! I am growing as an artist and I know the Gutter will only encourage that growth.

I can use my blog (over 200 followers and over 1500 visits per month) to promote Gutter Girlz along with spreading the word at All Moments Remembered and Creating Keepsakes on their message boards. I also have a Flickr gallery where I can post my layouts.

The crazyiest non-scrap item I've used....hmmm....I used an old hoodie on a layout because I couldn't give it up. I also used a knitting gauge, a wine cork, a small glass bottle, coins, clock faces, scrabble tiles, spackle, retail tags and scrap leather on layouts. While I don't always reach for out-of-the ordinary things my response to 'work out of the box' is still 'What box?' I love to play, so I am willing to try all kinds of stuff!

Here is my layout for the challenge:


My blog is here: http://www.justjingle.blogspot.com

My Flickr gallery is here:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/22858095@N05/ (and could use an update)

Thank you for considering my work and me to be a part of your team!

Kerry said...


Hi girlz

My name is Kerry. I live in Yorkshire, UK and am married with 4 kids and 2 dogs. 3 of my kids are messy boys and with the dogs I have lots of gutter talk/layouts to be able to share.

I only just found your inspirational blog a few days ago. It is a fantastic idea and I will definitely be looking out for the next challenge.

The prompts for this challenge led to this layout I hope that link works but if not it can be found on my blog accessible from clicking on my name.

I have quite a lot of scrapping friends on Facebook so would definitely be able to link to your challenges from there, also my blog which can be found by clicking on my name. I have just joined Twitter so will be able to use that as a platform for promoting you. I will do this anyway regardless of the result of the design team submission as I think your blog deserves as much exposure as possible because your ideas are so different to the usual cutesy naff ones out there.

I also have a flikr gallery showing some of my layouts.

Having kids and dogs means I end up with all kinds of spillages and paw prints on my stuff so maybe the craziest thing I have scrapped with is the mud my dogs trampled all over some gorgeous paper I was using at the time. It added to the effect.

hennahana said...


Hi I’m Hana. I’m a 19 year old Science student from Cheshire, UK. I love anything arty just for the pure escape that it provides. I’ve spent the last few years hopping from hobby to hobby and now I’ve finally settled on scrapbooking and art journaling. I love the absolute freedom of expression that both of them allow.

I belong in the gutter because I think that scrapbooking and art journaling should reflect life and life definitely isn’t perfect. Recording the bad and the downright ugly is therapeutic and also allows me to truly appreciate the good times. I also think that art should be for yourself more than anyone else and I think that Gutter Girlz promotes that.

My art journal page for the May 15th challenge is hereI would be able to promote Gutter Girlz on ukscrappers and my blog which is hereNo particularly crazy non-scrap product immediately springs to mind but I did recently use a wooden knife on an art journaling page. I don’t see any boundaries when it comes to scrapping and am generally a complete magpie. I’ve used earrings, old school notes, badges, tea bag packets and a host of other things on scrapbook pages. Since I’ve started art journaling I’ve managed to use ice cream sticks, chocolate bar wrappers and bindis.

Heather said...

Design Team Submission

Hello Girlz of the Gutter!!! I'm Heather. I'm in my 30's with one little boy who's 3. He's my pride and joy most days and my archenemy the other days. I used to be an elementary school teacher before my son came along.

I love all kinds of artistic endeavors. In college I blew glass and during student teaching I threw pots on the wheel for stress relief. I sew, and scrap, and paint and collage and generally get into anything that looks fun or interesting. On the flip side (of my personality) I'm a type A kind of girl who likes things neat and organized. But this just fuels my creative energy in my craft (crap) room.

I think I'd do well in the gutter because I've always been a rule follower with high expectations (of myself) and resistant to experimentation (of all kinds!) until I hit 30. I've kind of given up the rule following and now I'm just trying to live and enjoy life!

So enough about me. Here is a link to my submission. http://alifesosimple.blogspot.com/2009/05/its-not-all-roses.html I hope you like it because I LOVE it! It's one of my favorite layouts so far. And I've been scrapping for almost 10 years now!

That will also take you to my personal blog where I would gladly and happily promote The Gutter Girlz. I am also an avid Facebooker, a member of 2P's, SIStv, and the Cricut Message board. I have a growing collection of photos on Flikr http://www.flickr.com/photos/11545415@N07/ and my own personal website http://web.mac.com/morganandheather/iWeb/Heather/Heather%27s%20Gallery.html where I post creations and photo sessions I do for friends.

As for the craziest "non-scrap" stuff I use on projects, I would have to say hardware. I like to use stuff from the hardware store. Paint chips, aluminum tape, washers. All kinds of stuff like that! It doesn't seem all that crazy to me though. As far as I'm concerned if I can stick it down it can be scrapped!

Thanks for considering me girlz!

Heather Holle

LadyMissSusan said...


Hi! My name is Susan or LadyMissSusan on the boards. I'm the sole caregiver to my 95 yr. old grandmother, aka Nana, and my four fur babies and one feathered friend.

I'm a total Gutter Girl because this site is all about no rules and sharing yourself and that is totally me. I love a good challenge and I love if I can share my story and it helps anyone then I know it was all worth it.

HERE is my LOThe communities I belong to are Tallyscrappers.com, Scrapperie.com (Kit club where I am on the DT), Urban Anthology and a private board I have with some friends plus the local girls I scrap with. I'm also a HUGE Twitterer.

Here's my blog:
I'm Just A Girl In The WorldI think the craziest thing I've ever put on a lo is the sole of a shoe and dirt. On the same lo. I do love the out of the box challenges but I admit that it's not always the first thing I think to use myself.

So it looks like that's it! Thanks for considering me.
Susan A.

Anonymous said...

LadyBrayton here. I did a two page layout for the May 15th challenge, prompt #23, "It's not all roses". Enjoy.

Page 1 of 2: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3314/3583893312_9f9b539809_o.jpg

Page 2 of 2: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3343/3583873350_6655584634_o.jpg

Anonymous said...

I don't think my previous link worked. Here goes: page 1 of 2


page 2 of 2


Thanks for your patience with my lack of computer skills---ladybrayton