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the content on this blog may be unsuitable for preschool toys. we trust your judgment as to whether you choose to have age appropriate toys are near while you view our site! some of our music prompts are also a bit grown up for little pitchers. you'll need to click the play arrow to listen to the music portion of our prompts. you may want to do that when the big ears aren't listening. ~the girlz


Feb. 15th, Prompt 17

Every time we write down the number of the newest challenge in our post title, I can't BELIEVE that it's TRUE!! We're HERE, and you guys are making us STAY, and I can't even TELL you how much I love you for it. It's the coolest. All your pages you link us to every month are AWESOME.
The team has been rockin' things this month!! We've moved our behind the scenes schtuff to a new joint, and it's taken me some time to get things settled in. We're getting there though, and the girlz DID NOT disappoint.

I hate picking our guest designer just about as much as I love it!! lol It's so COOL to have you all playing with us, and I hate having to pick just ONE of you... but pick we do, and rather than asking "celebs" to join us as guests, we pick from THE GUTTER. From the gals who are in it with us ALREADY. Who don't have to have their names in books, or magazines, who are just like US. Everyday, RAW women. This month, the team has chosen
Blogger Patti H said...
you ladies always nail these perfectly. Here is my go:
http://nannierocks.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-new-challenge.html Thanks for another fun challenge Girlz.
Patti, we'd LOVE to have you as our next guest DT!! Send me an email and let me know if you can take the spot for the next two challenges to come!! You can use the CONTACT link in the sidebar here for email.

SO are you all READY!?!?
I don't THINK SO by Kelis

As promised, a little warning to any of you with preschool toys!! This prompt allows for some grown up talk, so if you want to, you can wait until your toys are out of the room before viewing!!
Don't forget!! Part of what we LOVE about the gutter, is that it's YOURS. You can take this WHEREVER in the gutter you'd like to. Here's what the GIRLZ cam up with this time around!!










Create YOUR art using one, two or all three of the prompts!! Take as much or as little as you'd like!! This is YOUR art. Link your finished project here in the comments, and you're entered into TWO areas. For the Prize shown in the sidebar on the left, AND... for the NEXT guest GutterGirl spot!! We choose our winners from this and the next prompt, so be sure to get your projects in!! Can't wait to see what you all create!!
Wanna know what you're playing for?
You'll be playing for the satisfaction of a project that KICKS ASS, of course... PLUS our very own Christi has an etsy store with GREAT mini kits. Be sure to visit!! Coffee's Shoppe you should go there. :) She's sending this one

to one of YOU next month. All you have to do to be in the drawing for this prize, is CREATE something with us, and SHARE it in a link here before the 12th of MARCH. That's IT!! We'll pick a winner randomly with that handy dandy random number generator tool we all love.
Random WINNERS for JAN:
TallyScrapper.com $20.00 gift certificate:
Blogger Shakira said...Here's mine great work everybody :)My Own Best Friend
Shop Crop Suey:
Blogger JessiW said... Great creations this time! I love them all. I had a lot of fun making mine for this challenge:)Our First Little Love

Congratulations girls!! Shakira, you'll need to sign up for an account at TallyScrapper.com if you don't already have one, and then we can award you your gift certificate!! When you have, send me an email using the CONTACT link here, and let me know what your user name is!!
Jessi, send me an email using the CONTACT link here on the blog too, and let me know your mailing address. Be sure to put SHOP CROP SUEY PRIZE in your subject line.

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Becky said...

everyone rocked this challenge. Love them all. I can't wait to see what everyone else does!

Nikki said...

Awesome work girls! Can't wait to see what all our "playas" come up with!

latte_grande said...

LOVED this prompt!! SO excited to see what sassiness and attitude comes from this one!

JessiW said...

oh, I'm so excited. This is the first time I've won anything, and I enjoyed the last prompt so much. I can't wait to get started on this month's. Thanks for the inspiration!

jessicamae3 said...

Hey, I just totally slipped off the curb and right into this awesome gutter! Thanks for allowing me to express myself!
Here's my take on this fun challenge!
Check it out!
Hope I linked it right!

Kiwi The Kreator said...

this prompt pushed me to kreate IMMEDIATELY...mine is for all the haters!!! check it out here:

Susan said...

Love what you all did..great inspiration to get me moving on this..I am so ready..REALLY! Whatever Dude!

Nikki Love said...

SOOOOOO loved this challenge!!!
Here's mine:


thanks for the inspiration gals!

Patti H said...

I am in shock that you all asked my to play in the gutter with you for the next two prompts. WOO HOO!
Thank you!!

Tonia_and_boys_Inc. said...

click here or whatever dude
hope that works

scrappypug said...

loved this .... i posted mine in the flicker group


Southernbelle said...

Once again, fabulous job DT! I admire each of you! Your work totally rocks! I just love doing these prompts! They teach me so much and are sooooo therapeutic! Here is my layout for this one:

Think You Know Me? I Don't Think So

willowthewysp said...

Loved this challenge!
My layout is here...


JessiW said...

had fun with this one...

whatever dude

lizzie said...

here is mine!!!!

Maria said...

Here's my take on the challenge, used all three on my layout....


Rachy said...

Hi! This was an awesome challenge! My page is here.

Bree/Reilly said...

Here is my page on Tally
I don't think so

and have uploaded it to Flickr too