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the content on this blog may be unsuitable for preschool toys. we trust your judgment as to whether you choose to have age appropriate toys are near while you view our site! some of our music prompts are also a bit grown up for little pitchers. you'll need to click the play arrow to listen to the music portion of our prompts. you may want to do that when the big ears aren't listening. ~the girlz


Jan. 30th, Prompt 16

Don't forget to visit our sponsors for this month!! Shop Crop Suey is donating a killer prize! See our photo in the sidebar. AND TallyScrapper.com is donating a certificate to their store!! Two great prizes, and all you have to do to win one, is link to your gutter inspired project from this or the last prompt in either post's comment section!! That also puts you in the running for our next guest spot.
Thanks, Li! For taking on the guest spot in the gutter with gusto!! Check her out on her blog HERE!!

This girl has a sense of humor and she's not afraid to show a little skin!! If you have preschool toys about, then you'll probably want to come back a little later... this prompt is a little more risque than some of our recent ones.
First Love
Like a Virgin by Madona
Can't wait to see what YOU do!! Remember, just like the Girlz... you can take this as dirty or as clean as your guttery heart desires!! I've noticed that when our prompts get a little more racy, you gals pussy out on us, (no pun intended) and link less in the comments! Don't forget, that if you don't want to post your project on your blog or an on line gallery, you can post it in the flickr group!! Let's see whatcha got! Get creative!! OWN the prompt!! Here's what the Girlz came up with.











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Adrienne said...

OOO All the ladies I didn't see earlier! :D They are so awesome! :F Great job!! i love them all!

Anonymous said...

I love Rachel's canvas. Her work alweays catches my eye. Does she have a blog?

Maria said...

These are stunning examples girl's, can't wait to take a crack at this one....

Margrethe said...

Great prompt, once again :)

My layout

JessiW said...

Great creations this time! I love them all. I had a lot of fun making mine for this challenge:)
Our First Little Love

Southernbelle said...

Sounds like fun! I don't know how racy mine will be, but I'll give it a try! LOL

Great examples girls! I so enjoy these prompts!!!!

Holly said...

I love everyones art work here.. The ideas are fabulous and get one motivated.. I think I may do a small canvas too! Been wanting to one for a while now.. :) Thanks for the inspiration girls!

Anissa said...

HA! I love Li's LO and her raw, unedited sexiness!

Jan said...

All of these layouts and altered projects are so wonderful!! Great job ladies! I want to do this one still!

scrappypug said...
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scrappypug said...

heres my take
ScrappyPug: gutter girlz challenge for jan 30 first love

and I love love love the ones posted!

Maria said...

Hi ya Girls, Just finished my take on your challenge which totally rocked by the way...And Li your layout was inspirational look forward to seeing more of your's...

Here is mine


Dolores said...

here's my take on this challenge
btw ladies you really rocked this challenge, I love all of your layouts.
Give you all my love

Jenny said...

Here's my take. Great challenge!
first love

Shakira said...

Here's my take on the prompt, so much fun as always!

Gutter Girlz Prompt