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the content on this blog may be unsuitable for preschool toys. we trust your judgment as to whether you choose to have age appropriate toys are near while you view our site! some of our music prompts are also a bit grown up for little pitchers. you'll need to click the play arrow to listen to the music portion of our prompts. you may want to do that when the big ears aren't listening. ~the girlz


GutterGirlz is Looking for Designers!!

We'll be saying THANK YOU to three of our Girlz next month. Staci, Kristina, and Leah have decided that they should take a step back for a bit, and so that means that we need to find new meat Girlz to take their place! They won't be forgotten though. We'll keep them on as Alumni... and whenever they feel like getting an early start on one of our challenges, we'll post their projects along with the team's. (I hope they get this urge a LOT) Thanks so much, you AWESOME dirty girlz, for all that you did to make the start of GutterGirlz the BEST thing that it was, and for promoting us.

SO If you are interested in becoming a member of the GutterGirlz Design Team, you should read on.

  1. By submitting, you will be signing up for 6 months worth of commitment. After that time, you can take a step back, or choose to sign up for another 6 months!
  2. The design team members sign up to sponsor a prize once during their time on the team. The prize can be hand made, or store bought. Please keep the prize value at around $10 dollars.
  3. Designers should expect to do at least one of the two challenges offered each month. More is fine, but only one is necessary. Designers work a prompt in advance and projects are due 2 days before the prompts. Prompts are posted on the 15th and 30th of every month.
  4. Be active in commenting and thanking girlz who visit and link their projects in our challenges. We have a Yahoo Group set up that allows me to forward emails to the team at the group, so knowing when a comment has been left is pretty simple!
  5. Promote Gutter Girlz in your on line communities as allowed by their Terms of Use, and Promotion of Gutter Girlz on your personal blog at prompt time!
Still reading? Then we'd love to have you send your goodies to us! You can send us an email with the following things to guttergirlz at gmail dot com (no spaces, and replace at with @ and dot with a . )
  • your name, and a reply email address.
  • a small description of your personality and why you love the gutter.
  • attach three photos or scans of your gutteriest goodness that you've scrapped (or created) in your life. (these do not need to be recent, nor do they have to be scrap pages... ATC's, Mixed Medias are fine too.)
  • of those three, one should be a project that was inspired by a GutterGirlz Challenge (this can be new if you've never been in the gutter, or it can be your favorite that you've created while playing with us in the past)
  • links to your on line communities where you would promote gutter girlz
  • links to any blogs or personal sites where we can get an idea about you!
  • tell us what the craziest "non scrap" product/technique is that you've ever used.
Submissions are due to the email listed by the 10th of December by midnight!! We'll announce our newest dirty girlz on the 14th!! Late submissions will not be considered. (timeliness is just a pre req for the job, you see...)

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Abbie said...

Lovin' this blog.. can I put your linkie on The Vintage Moth?

{Shirley} said...

Looking forward to some fun new girlz to play in the gutter with!!

Abbie, I think it would be great to share the link, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I've circled the BIG date on the calendar to see who's dirty..... Exciting stuff.

Patti H said...

marked my callandar as well!! Good luck everyone!

Glenda T. said...

I peaked too soon, I see it's not announced until the 14th. Good luck everyone!

Jessica said...

Although I am new, I'm gonna try...it never hurts to try. Good luck to everyone. I always enjoy seeing everyone's creations!