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Sept 15th, Prompt 7

YES!! Another GREAT prompt has passed us by!! You girlz are amazing. It's been SUCH fun looking at your creations, and seeing your art in the gutter!! Thank you so much to each and EVERY one of you who take time to visit, and to play with us. We appreciate you SO MUCH for it.
We have SO MUCH happening these days!! I am so excited to share with you. First, I would like to say THANK YOU, to Tanya for her time here as our guest designer!! Tanya, you ROCK. Thanks for playing as our guest this last month!!
Second, THANK YOU to Kelly for donating our EXTRA prize this month!! It's an AWESOME prize, from her KEEP IN TOUCH CARD SHOP, and we can't thank her enough for asking to sponsor us!! Her goodie goes to....
Blogger EatSleepScrap said...
Here's Mine
Thanks for hosting this!
Our Design Team Sponsored prize goes to:
Blogger Snichols said...
I just found this site and I love it! All of you did great work!!
Here's my layout Get Naked
Girlz, Give us an email with your name and mailing addresses!! Please put Gutter Girl PRIZE in your subject line, and let me know WHICH screen name is YOURS!!

That leads me to THIS month!! We have ANOTHER sponsor, and so AGAIN, the chance for two prizes!! First, from Kris at Ruby Street Designs we have THE COOLEST vintage ephemera and whimsy goodies EVER. All the way from down under!! Really neat that she's willing to mail to whomever gets her prize! (she ships internationally too, ladies!!)

Our Design Team sponsored prize is from KAMMIE this month!! You can check out her prize in the sidebar!
This month, the design team thought that it was about TIME that this girl got a spot with us!! She has been here with us in our dirty gutter since DAY ONE, posting and playing and encouraging others on the web to try us out!!
Glenda!! Come on down!! We hope you'll play with us for our next two prompts!! Email us and let us know if you can be our GUEST!!
We have SOMETHING pretty big in store for our next TWO challenges!! Hope that you can make it, because we are going to be having FUN.
Are you READY TO RUMBLE!?!?!?
The Prompt:
Dirty Girlz
The Song:
Dirty by Christina Aguilera
The Technique/Product:
Here's what the team did with this month's inspiration!! Remember, you can take all or one of these prompts, and you can interperet them however you'd like!! Put yourself in the running for our prizes and a spot as our guest designer by leaving us a link in the comments area!!




Rachel (and yes, that's REAL dirt mashed into my crackle paint!)

Can't WAIT to see what you all do this time!! We love you!! Now GO!!

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Glenda T. said...

OMG!! yes!! Yes!!! I emailed you and the answer was yes!! haha You guys are crazy cool, love this challenge and the dirt factor is fab! I'm on it like white on rice in a paper cup on a paper plate in a snowstorm!!

~Shirley said...

Congrats Glenda!!!

Can't wait to see what all you DIRTY Girlz come up with!!

Staci Compher said...

Congrats!!!!!!! and wow...ladies you rocked this month...!!

stephanie said...

loved this! at last i can tell people how i love zac efron!!
p.s. its in the flickr group x x

Glenda T. said...

This was super fun, I got down and dirty...



Nikki said...

Awesomely fun prompt ladies! Here's mine....
Tramp Stamp

Vickie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vickie said...

I loved this one! I love playing in the gutter!


charity.sorrells said...

Added mine to flikr! TFL!

even dirty girlz

Snichols said...

Wow, you ladies know how to rock a challenge!!

Here is mine...
Dirty Text

jennie said...

I happened to stumble upon this site a couple weeks back and I LOVE everything about it!
Here's mine...

The DTs work is so so good, thanks for all the fun!