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the content on this blog may be unsuitable for preschool toys. we trust your judgment as to whether you choose to have age appropriate toys are near while you view our site! some of our music prompts are also a bit grown up for little pitchers. you'll need to click the play arrow to listen to the music portion of our prompts. you may want to do that when the big ears aren't listening. ~the girlz



Holy Muther HELL!! I can't believe I forgot this tid bit of information!! Dirty Girlz!! We have a SPONSOR this month!! What does this mean for you? It means TWO prizes!!
This month, our sponsor is Kelly, owner of KEEP IN TOUCH CARD SHOP. Her KITS are amazing, and I encourage you to visit her site. You'll be in love. I promise. She has ALL SORTS of goodies for you.
Embellishment Packs

and MORE
Here's what she has set aside for one of YOU!!

How do you GET this prize? By playing with us, and getting YOUR art in the gutter!! Leave us a comment with a link to your project, and you'll be entered to win!! Winner will be announced on the 15th of SEPT.
Now, onto our regularly scheduled programing!! This week's Prompt is HERE

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~Shirley said...

Thank you Kelly!!! We really appreciate you sponsoring us! and WOW< check out that prize!!!!

Staci Compher said...

wow!!!!!!!!!! that's an awesome prize!!!

~*AMY*~ said...

sweet nibblets thats an awesome prize!!!

Mimsie said...

OK first of all I LOVE YOUR SITE!! How do I become a gutter girl????You say what we all think!!!! 2nd love the Limp Biz-Break Stuff!!! Must get for personal use!!! Love the bit of darkness...PS I'm the one with the mime...he was very very very very very sweaty and his red pants were see thru...

heather said...

This is super cool! Not only is the prize motivating........ the inspiring song is one of my all-time FAV's!
Time to ROCK out!

Nikki said...

This is an awesome prize! And it was an awesome challenge that allowed me to vent! Here's mine...
Just Shut Up!

Tanya said...

Thank you Kelly! Your prize looks fantastic!