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Aug 15th Prompt 5

This week was a good therapy week for me. I'll be putting that money in the BANK!! HA! Are you ready for it? Digging a little deeper into the gutter again!!
Blabber Mouth
Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
Duct Tape (any color)
Our prize will be given randomly and was donated to us by AMY!! I'll have it in the sidebar soon!! In the mean time, I'd like to announce the winner of last month's prize!!
Blogger Michelle said...

Another rockin' challenge! Here's mine:

my dirty little secret

Congrats, Michelle!! Give us an email so we can get your prize in the mail!! Thanks, Shirley, for sponsoring this prize for us!!

As always, you can take all or a few of this three part challenge!! We'll love you no matter what!! The point of Gutter Girlz is only to inspire. It's really kinda like Pirate Rules. More Guidelines than RULES, really. Our goal is to get you CREATING, and being YOU. It's about letting things OUT.

Don't forget, that if you add your layouts to the Flickr Group, and see them in our sidebar.
In the next few months, we have some fun extras coming!! you won't want to miss them!! Sponsors are coming, and more guest designers! Speaking of Guest Designers, I'd like to announce...
Tanya, We'd LOVE to have you as our Guest Gutter Girl for the next two prompts!! Email me at guttergirlz at gmail dot com! I'll let you in on the details!!
Lara, I'd like to thank YOU for joining us as our FIRST guest designer!! All you dirty girlz, be sure to visit her blog and tell her you loved her too!!

Here's what the girlz came up with! To view any of the layouts more closely, click on the slideshow, and when you are redirected, click again! You'll be taken to slide.com and our guttergirl account, and then to individual shots. If you click and are told the slideshow is private, I haven't gotten up and made the show public yet.

Can't wait to see YOUR art!!

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latte_grande said...

Yay! Congrats to Michelle and WELCOME Tanya!! Thanks so much to Lara for ROCKIN' that Guest DT spot!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with for the challenge!

Jan said...

Congrats Michelle!!! So excited to have Tanya join us! And Lara, thanks for being out Guest DT!!

mindakims said...

Congrats Michelle and I'm up in the flickr group, all done. Thanks for the challenge!

Glenda T. said...

Loved this challenge and the layouts. Here is mine:



Anonymous said...

My first time playing.
Does duct tape over my mouth count?
Here it is.


Hope you like it.

Thanks Kristina for the Pic choice,
and for sending me here (thru your blog)

Love it here.
Totally going to be a part of this from now on!


Tanya said...


Vickie said...

Thanks for yet another opportunity to LET IT ALL OUT, I am so enjoying these challenges!


charity.sorrells said...

Loved this Prompt!
Here's mine!
NOT going there

Deanne said...

Finally got my arse into gear and joined in girlz...
My take on prompt 5 is on my blog - thanks for the inspiration x