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Becky Thackston: deep in the south - Georgia
OnLine: kay_bear52
Gallery: HERE
BLOG: Step Into My World
Favorite Cuss Word: oh goodness. There are so many...lol. But my all time favorite would have to be Shit. There is always some way to work that puppy into a sentence...dontcha think =)
* I have been addicted to art in some form or fashion since I was a toddler. I used to sit on my nanny's floor with the Sunday paper and draw the cartoons every chance I got.
* I have tried to give up cokes and coffee for ever. I finally gave up the cokes but I can't seem to dump that coffee
* I love being real. Being who I am all the time and with whomever is around. There is no point in hiding YOU...you are who you are and be proud of you.
* I have way to many projects going at one time. I am an ADD girl from head to toe but use it to my advantage. Well at least I think I do...my family seems to think other wise and that I do way to much. lol. But I have many art projects, craft projects...you name it..I've got it laying around waiting to be finished.
* My new found love is genealogy. I have truly loved researching my husbands side of the family and digging up dirt =)

My gutter girl idol ....well I have two. They have been secret idols of mine for a while now but both for the same reasons. Christi Otis and Rachel Whetzel. For many years I have dived deep down into my soul to scrap about things that might not normally make it in some albums. Be it depression, sadness, loss, abuse, Xspouses...what ever the topic...it has become very therapeutic and something that goes back to above...just being ME. No one else will know what goes on with the inner me unless I tell the story. These two girls do the same. They speak their mind. They share their secrets. And they do it with such grace and with outstanding art. To look at their pages...they speak to you. That to me...is real art. It tells the story without ever having to read a single word.