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End of the Month MOJO Apr '10

Patti is hosting our End of the Month Mojo as well as our prize this month!! She has asked Gina to be our honorary gutter girl!!

I am completely flattered to be chosen as an Honorary Gutter Girl! I witnessed the launch of this site and have watched it grow and evolve. Rachel has created an amazing place to come and be honest and raw with your emotions through art. WTG, girlz for taking the concept and running with it!!!

A Little Bit About Me
I am a proud New Yorker...born and raised on Long Island. I have been married to my High School sweetheart for almost 14 years. We have 3 beautiful children, Sydney (9), Jack (7) and Sophia (3) as they tend to be the major subjects of my scrapbook pages.

By trade, I am a Special Education Teacher, specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, I am currently staying home to raise my children. Keeping up with their activities is a full time job in and of itself! J

I have been scrapping for about 5 1/2 years now. It all began with 1 photo of my daughter, Sydney in her dance recital costume and the rest is history.

I am generally a single photo scrapbooker, always making it the main focus of my page. I use lots of paper layering and have a love of white space! My style (which I have no clue what it is) can vary a bit, depending on which child I am scrapping for. Jack's pages tend to look a bit different from my girls. I like to think outside the box and try new things and my “style” is ever evolving however I am always true to it.

I am a published scrapbooker and have been in various paper magazines, ezines and books, including Scrapbook and Cards Today, Scrapbook Trends Babies 2007 Idea Book and most recently, Somerset Memories. I have designed and taught classes for many online scrapbooking sites and kit clubs as well as my local scrapbook store and love sharing my passion for the art scrapbooking with others.

Gina created this for our current prompt!!


Patti took some time and asked Gina some Q too!

1. Who or what gives you the most inspiration when you create?
I have always had a love for photography, even as a child. Often, I find much of my inspiration from my own photographs. When I develop them, they speak to me in a sense and my creative juices begin to flow! I, too, look for inspiration in my surroundings...my home, my yard and all types of magazines.

2. What is your proudest accomplishment in life?
The easy answer would my children but I am sure everyone says that because it is usually the case for most people...including myself. So, aside from the obvious, I would have to say it was graduating with honors and caring a 4.0 Grade Point Average throughout Graduate School. Hard work but worth it! :)

3. Are you artistic in other ways/mediums?
You know, I never thought I was. Can't draw or paint to save my life. However, I have always had a sense of style and fashion...love fabric and patterns. This "art" carried over to my decorating skills. I love to decorate my home and have been told that I have an "eye" for it. Maybe I missed my calling? :)

4. Is there a scrap technique/style you are afraid to try or feel clueless about?
Anything that requires tools that need to be plugged in, like sewing machines, heat embossing tools, irons, etc.

5. Are you spontaneous or do you prefer to plan everything out?
You know that quote, "Just Do it"? That is my take when it comes to scrapbooking. Who has time to plan? I am lucky if I have the time these days to actually create anything!

6. Have you been published? How did it make you feel?
Yes, I am lucky enough to have been published several times over. I am always flattered when my pages are accepted for publication. However, my family and scrapbook friends are the only people I share it with. Don't want to sound like I am bragging, kwim?

7. How do you feel about glitter mist? Love it? Or hate it?
Oooh...Glimmer Mist! When it first hit the shelves, I had to have every color they made. Patti can attest to it. In fact, she made be buy them...all! The kicker is I did not touch them for months and months. Once I remembered I had Glimmer Mist in my stash, I busted it out and have used it frequently on my pages ever since. Love it!

Here are a few of Gina's layouts

As always, we choose our prize winners AND our guest gutter girlz from those of you who play along with us!! All you need to do is create YOUR art from OUR prompt, then leave us a comment with a direct LINK to your creation in your comment. We'll go through and pick a random prize winner, and our choice of a guest designer. How easy is THAT?
Winner of GLENDA'S prize:
"Here is my entry! Hope you like it, I had fun with this one. http://beandipshell.blogspot.com/2010/04/gutter-g... My recent post Gutter GIrlz Prompt #36"
Bean, Please email me with your mailing information so I can send it to Glenda! Thank you! Please put PRIZE WINNER in your subject line.
We'd like to invite
Marit to be our guest Gutter Girl for our May 15th prompt!
I loved this prompt so much that I just HAD to play along... I hope I'm on time with my entry!!! It's here on my blog
Marit, if you're interested in being our guest, please let me know via email! Please put GUEST GG in your subject line.

For those of you dying to play along, post a direct link to your Gutter inspired projects in a comment on this post, THIS CURRENT POST or the one coming up on May 15th!! Your name will be put in the hat to win our prize from PATTI! We'll also keep our eyes open through the comments here for our NEXT guest gutter girl!!