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Saying Thanks and See Ya!

One of our Gutter Girlz has had a LOT of changes in her life this last year, and she's asked me to take a step down at least for a while, so she can focus on some of those things. Like....

And becoming a US citizen.
And And And...
And of course I told her YES!! Because one of the best things about the Gutter, is that you're always welcome back. So it's not really goodbye. It's just changing roles.
Help me say Thanks to Kris!!

She'll be joining our Alumni and HOPEFULLY she'll be able to come back as a full time Gutter Girl later on.
Kris had this to say to you all.
"Hey Guttergirlz!

Gosh! Its been a fun ride!
I've been with the guttergirlz from the start and boy do i heart you ALL!
I need all my focus to be on some changes i'm making in early 2010 so i have to step down a little bit. I may be back later on when things normalize (whats that anyways?).
I will definitely play along whenever i can and i'll be checking in to see all the awesome LOs!
To Rachel , thank you for being the most awesome chica ever and for always being here for all of us and going above and beyond!
Thank you for letting me on this crazy train :D Muah! xoxo"
Kris, I just want to say THANK YOU for the time and energy you put into the gutter girlz over the last two years!! I really appreciate it. Without AMAZING DT like you, I wouldn't be the boss of a KICK ASS blog!! Thanks for being a KICK ASS girl!! I love you!! THANKS!!

We have asked one of our regular players here in the gutter to fill the spot that Kris is leaving!! We'll introduce you to her on the 15th with our next prompt!!

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Lora Oliver said...

Kris, I am totally new here, but having just come off a year of drastic changes, I wish you all the best in the days to come and hope that you are able to soon return to what seems to be a super awesome group. Best!

Inkster said...

Thanks Lora :) You're going to enjoy playing with the gutter girlz :D

Thank you to all of the gutter girlz and all who play along. You inspire me so very much. muah!

Irma said...

best of luck Kris in all your new endeavors--I'm new here too, but I hope to see more of you here ;)

Glenda T. said...

Hey Kris, good luck in your future endeavors and I hope to still "see" you around!!

Becky said...

good luck darlin! I know we will see you around here :)

Leah the Orange said...

Congrats and lots of luck, Kris!
the US citizen stuff is NOT an easy feat, so it could wind up taking a LOT more time than you have... your art will be missed in the Gutter for now, but i'm looking forward to seeing you back! :)

Patti H said...

Good luck Kris. HOpe to see you playing with us still

Queenie24 said...

Hi first ever attempt at a prompt.