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End of the Month MOJO Jan '10

We're excited to be able to have Joyce as our Guest AND Highlighted Gutter Girl!! She plays with us regularly here in the gutter, and I always LOVE the things she shares!!

Two things happened at once, as I was gazing at the prompt info. My first thought was “what am I going to do with that!!” and deciding not to listen to the music until I was completely done. On the tail of that I got to thinking of growing up and realized that I could do a school theme. Remembered I had this little plastic donkey and it all seemed to come together after that. Found out that embroidering the chain stitch in the shape of a bow doesn’t work real well. I worked some of the lyrics into the title.

Oh no, not me Oh no,

not not me, not me…never ever me

It’s just happened, some kid has blurted out something that would make a sailor blush and it was smack dab in the middle of church service!

As the collective gasp gives way to all the kids saying “Mommy, he said a lot of bad words”, and as the pastor gets back on track, the red faces mellow. You can bet with pretty good odds in your favor that at least half of the parents are pondering the nightmare of this ever happening to them and how, unbeknownst to us kids, those parental thoughts would lead to every kid’s nightmare…REFORM SCHOOL

In the little pouch are some of the replacement words: kiss my asp, phooey crackers, shucks, shoot, darn-dang, golly, gee, gosh, turd, horse patooty, hockey puck, blast!!!

P.S. The playing card is my nod to the Gutter Girlz.

Mom never stopped us from going places because there might be cussing and bad manners, etc.

Mom worked the Golden Rule into her lessons on bad language.

Mom: “How does it make you feel?” Me: “Mom, I don’t care how it makes me feel, I just want to say it!” She wanted us to really think, to know why we were saying what we were saying. Not because we had heard it somewhere and thought it would be cool to repeat. We learned what the cuss words meant ~ Mom kept it age appropriate and from there we had to make up our own to replace them. In our social circle at the school playground and neighborhood, I learned very quickly that a lot of the kids had potty mouth and when asked why they said bad words, it was either because they had heard it somewhere or didn’t know why. As we got older the “damn” jar funded most of our family nights once a month. Found out in tenth grade speech class that “gosh”, “golly” and “gee” were forms of “god”. So we could no longer use them. (As I recall I enjoyed telling my Mom about that!) As I look back I can remember a few times when my brother and I got going with the cuss words when no one else was around; and I’m remembering that sarcasm began playing a heavy role in how we treated each other at times.

Kristy also came to share some goodness in the form of a technique!! This lil technique is one of my favs. You can take this and combine it with the yummy goodness Lara showed us a while ago with paints. Oh the possiblilites girls! I'm talking about masking! Masking is just where you take any object and either paint or mist over the top to create a negative effect.

Great practioners of this easy to do technique are our own Glenda

and Lara

You can use anything! Even your own hand like Lara did :) That old chipboard shape or letter set that is kinda eh can be all new and reusable. Don't have anything handy? Do my fav and just free hand a shape. Take a piece of scrap cardstock, sketch your shape out, snip snip snip, then just position it on your page and spray or paint right over the top. Lift it off and see the finished product! Its like christmas! You can save and reuse that shape again and again. Here's a couple examples...

Lace paper? That is a super fun mask! Regular lace ribbon? Also good! Take a look around and I bet you'll find a ton of things you have that will find new purpose. Have fun with it!

Winner of the PRIZE from Treasured Scrapbooking:
Kim Sonksen said...I SO SO loved this prompt - here is my take on the challenge: http://kimsonksen.blogspot.com/2010/01/gutter-girlz-prompt-33-and-syc-dt-call.html
Kim, send me an email with your mailing address with ya!? Thanks!! Be sure to put JAN PRIZE WINNER in your subject line. Thanks!
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Irma said... I did another one too ;) http://irmaperedne.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-see-scrap.html to be our guest!! Irma, please send an email and let us know if you're able to do this!! You'd be playing with us for the prompt coming on the 15th of Feb!

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Joyce said...

Yay to Kim, you won! And SO WoW, can't wait to see Irma. Glenda, I got my finches cut out already.

Rachel, I am so glad that you were able to work with the photos...you're a good hairdresser.
Thank You Gutter Girlz for having me. Happy happies.

Irma said...

Awesome artwork by Joyce, and the DT...you guys make my day :D
...of course I'll play along, I'd be out of my mind to pass up a chance to roll in the gutter with you all ;)

Glenda T. said...

Joyce I loved your projects, I was chuckling at the cuss one, too funny!!! The misted layouts are gorgeous and I can hardly wait to see your journal page!! Congrats Kim for winning the prize and can't wait to have Irma join us and roll in the gutter!

Horners Corner said...

Having a blast rolling in the gutter!! Love all the design teams work, so much better than me, but i am only a beginner and love learning from you all!!

Heres Mine