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June 30th, Prompt #26

BRACE YOURSELVES!! We're gonna hit it HARD these next couple prompts!!
It's all about ME.
You're so Vain by Carly Simon

Remember: Take all or one of these pieces, and create something for YOU. Get as guttery or and clean as you need to. You can click on any of our photos to see them larger.
Please welcome our guest GutterGirl, Jesse!!
My name is Jessica and most call me Jessi or Jess. Whatever is fine with me. Scrapbooking is my passion. I think of myself as a Life Artist(thanks to Ali Edwards) and I believe that I am unique and I'm telling my stories how I want to!! I have long been a fan of Gutter Girlz and Rachel Whetzel and am so honored to be your Guest this month. Please feel free to visit my blog here: http://jessiscorner.blogspot.com to learn more about me and my crazy family and scrapbooking and thanks again for allwowing me into the Gutter family.

The story behind my layout for this time is Isabelle Kate....my 1.5 yr old daughter. It is seriously all about her. I hand painted the background and used some foil paper and the rest just sorta came to me. That song always takes me back to the movie "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days" which I love and helped to inspire the layout!!


Close up of the foil on Becky's page!!




Took this opportunity for some artistic venting... :)



Journaling reads: Sometimes I'm selfish & self-centered. It IS all about me. But if I don't watch out for myself then who will?


Since we're switching over our guest "ways" we'll have Jesse as our guest next prompt, AND we'd like to invite PEGGY to be our next Guest GutterGirl! Peggy, if you're able, we'll share the upcoming 15th prompt with you, and share your work with the other Girlz!! Shoot me an email via the CONTACT link in the left sidebar!!
Don't forget to leave us links to your projects in the comments section!! YOU could be our next Guest GutterGirl OR... you could win our PRIZE!!

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JessiW said...

Such amazing pages girls! It is such an honor to be a guest and work with such great talents.

Tracey said...

these are GREAT! I love them all! can't wait to get started on this one!!!

Inkster said...

awesome! These LOs are hawt!

AmesOx said...

Love your LO's ladies! can't wait to get started on this one :-) And what a fantastic song too!!!

AmesOx said...

Just couldn't wait to get started on this one!! I am absolutely LOVING these challenges SO much.


Wanda said...

wow - I love these layouts. I soooo want to try this one. I think my layouts are too "sweet" and I am not good at the GutterGirlz style. I LOVE to see what you all do, though!

Peggy said...

I just sent you a mail (not through email though, it was something I hadn't done before), and I just wanted to check you had received it (maybe even twice LOL), because I couldn't find any confirmation.
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
If you haven't received it, it just says I would love to still be your guest girl if there's still time enough. Just send me the specifics to peggy.schenkels@telenet.be
xxx Peggy

ladybrayton71 said...

I loved this prompt so much that I made a few layouts
number one
number two
number three

Megan A. said...

thanks so much for the inspiration!

here is mine:
its all about me

Megan A. said...

thanks so much for the inspiration!

here is mine:
its all about me