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Bittersweet News

One of our sponsors, and the website in which GutterGirlz came to be, is not only having a HUGE sale, it IS for sale!! Our very own alumni, Christine, owner of TallyScrapper.com is going to be taking on a new job, and won't have the time to keep Tally running. The good news is, that she's hoping to sell TallyScrapper. Until she sells, or has to close it's doors, Tally is having a HUGE sale. We're talking HUGE. You can find out more about the sale HERE and if you are interested in purchasing this thriving website, you can contact Christine HERE. TallyScrapper.com boasts a large patronage, and visitors to the site daily. It's unique system of TallyPoints have blown Tally into a new level of web site. Customers at Tally are loyal, and are hoping that someone is looking for an established website to take over!!

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Patti H said...

wow I didn't know this!! I sure hope someone buys Tally.

Kristy said...

Wow I had never been to Tally but the site looks AWESOME! I sure hope someone buys so I can jump on board!!! I did drop some cash there yesterday :P and I was trying sooo hard to cut back! ENABLER! lol

TracyP said...

Please buy Tally....... Seriously
Love you girls:)