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Feb. 28th, Prompt 18

Hey dirty girlz!! I'm gonna get right to it this week!! I'm busy working on getting our forum together for you, since the vote seems to be a YES for having a group that we can chat and post on a message board with!! Stay tuned on that one.
Please welcome, our guest dirty girl, Patti H!!

Remember, you might be the next guest gutter girl, IF IF IF you link us to your projects that are inspired here!!
Linking your projects from this prompt and/or the last one will also put your name in the hat for our prize this month!! (see the left sidebar for details)
Thanks, ASSHOLE!!
Fighter by Christina Aguleria

Here's what the girlz created for your inspiration!









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Adrienne said...

*drool* everything is fan-freaking-tastic! :D

JessiW said...

these are the most amazing layouts! I swear all of them are out of this world!!!

Nikki said...

You girls rock my world! Awesome, awesome pages!

scrappypug said...

what an amazing collection... love each and every one of them... you girlz rock!

Patti H said...

wow loved all the layouts!! Just tells you we all have a asshole somewhere in our lifes. Thanks for the challenge!!

Bree/Reilly said...

these are all just so amazing! love them all......great challenge

Jenny said...

These layots were great & this challenge just came all together while I was thinking about it yesterday.
Thanks assholes

Glenda T. said...

Lovin all these layouts and Patti yours was so awesome!!! Nice to have you guesting with us!!!

Anonymous said...

Prompt 18

Adam Mann said...

hope ya don't mind a guy posting! ;)
there's some sweet stuff on this site, i like the variety

scrappypug said...

Here's my Take

Gutter Girls Challenge 18

Maria said...

Well this prompt made me want to roll in the gutter with you girls again, I think it suited me to a T this week...
So walked on the darkside with my layout here is the link hope I do this right

Thanks asshole for making me a fighter