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Well, I thought something was up.

Looks like I can't remember when our prompts are due!! lol poor EatSleepScrap, our guest designer, was given the WRONG DATES for our prompts!! BY ME. I decided, since I was to blame for the whole debacle, that she deserved her very own post. SO... Here's what Melissa came up with for our prompt
Favorite Four Letter WORD.

lol I totally love it. Thanks, Melissa!! For a GREAT contribution to our prompt!! Be sure to visit her on her BLOG and say hey!!
SORRY, Melissa!! For giving you the WRONG dates for your time with us!!

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Leah C said...

Flippin brilliant!! I've never heard that phrase until I heard from you. Love this!

EatSleepScrap said...

Thanks Rachel! I feel very special!

{Shirley} said...

Love this Melissa!!

latte_grande said...

Heehee, I freakin' LOVE your layout!!