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Oct. 30th, Prompt 10

I can't believe that we've been at this for FIVE months now!! You guys make us SO happy to be playing in this gutter!! Thanks SO MUCH for each and every ONE of your comments, and links!! We love that you play with us.
We've gotten a GREAT response from all of you and our breast cancer awareness donations!! You have ONE more day to get your donation into the group's donation area (in the link near the top right sidebar) and you can be entered to win the prize in the photo/link!!
As those of you who play with us regularly know, and those of you who may just have come upon us, might NOT know... We choose our guest designers from the people who post their projects that they've done with our prompts, and linked in our comments. It's our way of saying YOU are why we do this, and YOU inspire US to stay in the gutter!! This month, we have two guest designers, because a couple of our team members have been taking some time away for a little bit. Giving us a PERFECT reason to have more than one of you as our guests!! Please be sure to visit both their blogs, and say hey to them!!
Nikki Z

and Vickie!!

Are you READY!?!? Remember! If you link your projects in the comments area of this post, you'll be entered to win one of TWO prizes!! One from TallyScrapper.com, and the other from our very own Christi!
Alcohol Makes Me
All Jacked Up by Gretchen Wilson
The Technique/Product:
Alcohol Bottle and/or parts

**please note, that we are NOT in anyway trying to make light of those who struggle with alcohol addiction, and we are not condoning alcohol abuse. BUT we do know that a girl might like to enjoy beer once in a while.**
You make take this as deep, as light, or as far from the prompt as you'd like!! Remember!! These are really only suggestions, and how many of the parts of our prompts you take and use, is totally up to you!!

Here's what the girls have done with the prompt!



Leah- proving that a prompt about alcohol doesn't HAVE to be about it at all!! I love this one.






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Patti H said...

as I say every week I am going to do this one. I have yet to do one. You all intimidate me! Love all the layouts!!

Christine said...

wow! amazing stuff ladies!

Laurajean said...

Congrats Vicki and to my girl, nikki for getting the GDT spots this month....LOVE this challenge ;o)

Nikki said...

Such awesome layouts girlz!!!!!

Staci Compher said...

Congrats Vicki and Nikki..!!! the layouts are amazing as usual..such a variety!! was a fun challenge...

{Shirley} said...

Congrats ladies!

Awesome work, love these layouts!

Patti H said...

here is mine. not as exciting as yours but just the same. i actually did one of your challenges.


Genevieve said...

Love all the different takes on the prompt! Great work ladies! You guys rock!

Glenda T. said...

These layouts were great, just killer! Thanks for having a challenge that allowed me to use up all these pics of me busting out the bunny ears!!! haha Here is my take:


Sasha said...

Okay I AM and WILL play this time, I am soo freakn far behind, but umm yah I LOVE this challenge.

Be back with mines..


EatSleepScrap said...

Awesome challenge! Here's Mine

Penny said...

Alright it's not the greatest layout but you gotta luv the beer tab paper!

Awesome challenge ladies! can't wait to see the next one!

Anonymous said...

Check mine out...


Laurajean said...

Awesome layouts ladies....you guys are frickin' AWESOME....here is mine for this challenge with some OLDer photos


charity.sorrells said...

Great prompt and layouts ladies!

Southernbelle said...

Look like another interesting prompt. I gotta say...I need to think on this one. I just love all of the samples! All of you ladies rock, that's for sure! Hope to be back soon with a completed LO. :)

Izela said...

Ugggg! I sent the wrong link for the challenge! I posted a slide show by mistake. I'm freakn new at this and I'm driving myself craz!

Here is the right link:


Southernbelle said...

Another fun challenge girls! Thank you so much for getting my mind other places. I love this blog more and more each time I visit!!! Here is mine for this prompt:

All Jacked Up

{raisingAlexis} said...

I love what's been done so far! I haven't done a GG challenge in some time, but this one I already have an idea in mind, so I gots ta to it!

I love Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes! great song to scrap - esp. for me.... (sadly)